Treated myself


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Am doing this very frequently lately oops for my old purse strings but I have treated myself to a subscription of heat it's cool as i love the mindless gossip with a fizzy CD orange drink and some frozen choc orange chunks such good fun lol.
I also like it as i can look and lust over all the sexy clothes i can buy when im slim.
So anyway enough of my mad ramblings
Whatever floats your boat is a good thing to do. We all desrve a treat and I think so many of us have been so used to putting our families first that it can be very difficult to our heads around actually doing something for ourselves :rolleyes:

I'm starting to manage it though and without the guilt that I would usually have felt. ;)
Do you find it hard to find treats that aren't food related?

I don't now but I remeber when I started out feeling totally bereft and lost for ideas, now they come thick and fast :D
Well done Bellybee for treating yourself to healthy pampering, it really does make you feel good as well as look good.:)
I think its good to give your self treats for every milestone reached. It certainly does keep you motivated and keeps you going!!! Enjoy :)
Oh no Bellybee - don't get me started on magazines! I'm an absolute addict!

I try not to read all the mindless pap on celebrities! (I try!!) - I just like to look at the pictures and read all the fashion and beauty pages!!

I have to try and stop myself from buying them all the time - but on nights when I think I haven't got much to do and don't want to sit and think about food I tend to buy one to keep me entertained!

Yesterday was one of those - and incidentally, the magazine I bought was Now and had an article on how much celebs weigh - did you know, Charlotte Church who is only 1 inch taller than me at 5"2 weighs 10 stone 4 - I was so excited - I was thinking because I was short I was going to have to get down to something ridiculous like 8 stone or something to be normal sized - I've never been thin and its so hard to imagine what you'll need to be to look how you want. Charlotte Church is what I've been aiming for from the beginning though and I actually have a picture of her in a bikini in my diary to keep me motivated! (sad I know!).

On the other end of the scale though Nicole Richie - who is my height at 5"1 - weighs about 6 stone - how ridiculous is that?!

Was quite interesting to see the comparision though.

Sorry - this is a bit of topic - really just wanted to say - yey! have found another magazine lover and well done for finding a non food treat (plus, I also hadmine with a fizzy orange and a bar!!)

Tash xx