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******Trendytracz diary*****

:talk017:hey I thought I would make a diary and introduce myself a bit more :)

well I am Tracy and I am 22 and been overweight most my life apart from when i lost 3st :angel09:when I was abt 16 on w/w it took me about 5 months. but through time and stress I put it all back on and more over 4yrs :( I think I was quite young when I lost it and I didnt no how to keep at same level :faint2:

my fiancee and I have been through a tuff time the last 4yrs :cry:due to a serious road traffic accident that happend to him(was in hospital for 3 and 1/2 months).we had just been together only 11 months when it happend. so the past 4 yrs all we have been dealing with is all the injuries/problems from it you wouldnt believe the amount you can get and how it totally changes ur life :(

I think I turned to food 2 deal with it all. I realy dont blame myself cause looking back I cant believe how I have coped epecially as I was only 18 when it happend and he was just 20.:cry:

Any enough of my sad life and back to the now I am getting focused on me for a change and dealing with my weight issues.:queen:

I start at 18st 3lbs soo i have technically lost nearly 2st so far :D :D :D
which as u can tell I am please lol

I wish every1 success on there weight loss :)
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oh i ment 2 say am not a great speller so mind the spelling haha
hi t t , wishing you the best of luck, and just keeo in touch with everyone on the site, done ww several times myself over the past 10 years but like you have had things going on also, both parents died within the last 2.5 years. but i feel the time is right for me now.:):):)
yeh I feel the same time is right too.
wish u the best of luck keep in touch Tracz :D xx
egg 2pt
2toast 1pt
spread 1pt
total 4pt

mid snack
2 slices of terrys choco orange 1.5pt

bread roll 2pt
meat 0.5pt
spread 0.5pt
smiths chipsticks 1.5pt

pineapple slices 1pt
jaffa cake 0.5pts
soup 2pt
2 slice bread 1pt
w/w sperdards pie 4pt
patatoes 3.5pt
total 10.5pts

22pt all done :)

no exercise :(
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12/2/09 wednesday

1weatbix 1pt
milk/sugar 1pt
1 crumpet 1pt
total 3pts

mid snack
crips 1.5pts

soup 0.5pt
sandwich 2.5pt
total 3pt

afternoon snack
bic 0.5pt
crumpet 1pt

mince beef 4pt
pasta 4pt
sauce 2pt
total 10pt

jelly babes 3pt

All 22pt done

none :(
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Hi Tracey

You sound like you are really focused and motivated to lose weight. Good luck on your journey and keep up the great result of losing 2 stone already - fantastic!!!

thanks peps :D :D :D am trying my hardest,cause b4 i was just cheating myself lol :)

2 egg 3pt
2 toast 2pt
spread 0.5pt
crumpet 1pt
total 6.5pts

no lunch oops bad girl lol

chickenkeif 7.5pt
jacket potatoe 2.5pt
2 jaffa cakes 1pt
spread 1.5pt
total 12.5pts

cream craker 0.5pt
cheese 0.5pt
2 jelly babes 0.5pt :( soo bad for u not worth it
ice lolly 1.5pt
total 3pt

all 22pt done :)

30mins swimming :D
10 mins tredmill :D
20 on weights:D
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wheatbix 1pt
milk/sugar 1pt
1 banna 1pt
total 3pt

sandwich 2.5pt
soup 1.5pt
crips 2pt
apple 0.5pt
w/w rice 1.5pt
total 8pt

2jaffa cakes 1pt

rice 1.5pt
mince 3pt
sauce 1.5pt
w/w nacho 1pt
total 7pt

ice lolly 1.5pt
2slice toast 1.5pt
total 3pts

all 22pt done ;)

30 mins on tredmill in morning :D
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well done on all the exercise you have been doing - thats great! :D and well done on getting to where you are from 18st 3.. thats a great achievement in itself and i wish you best of luck on the rest :) x
thanks sooo much these compliments makes me stay on track :D
Saturday 14/2/08 <3

ceral 2pt
total 2pt

nachos 1pt
3 pink in white 2.5pt
sweet 0.5pt
total 4pt

chicken 2.5pt
2 wraps 4pt
salsa 0.5pt
spice mix 0.5pt
sour cream 1pt
total 8.5pt

desert (ice cream sunday)
mashmallows 2pt
ice cream 1pt
skinney cow 1.5pt
choco sauce 1.5pt
mini roll 1.5pt
2 nachos 2pt :(
total 9.5pt

total 24 ooops :(

no exercise :(

yesterday pt over 3pt

egg 1.5pt
2 toast 2pt
total 6.5pt

homemade soup 1pt
2 slice bread 1pt
total 2pt

mince 4pt
gravy 2pt
potatoes 3pt
puff pastry 4.5pt
total 13.5pt

all 22 all gone again :)

30 mins on tredmill(up the speed to 4.0)yeha :happy036:
10 mins on weights:character00116:
48 sit ups:angel09:
16 side ups:girlpower:
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I only lost 1lb this week :( maybe its cause I was on a kickstart and didnt eat my exercise points :(
I am going 2 back 2 my 25pts :D see what happends


Still fighting
Hiya Tracey
Well done so far with your 2stone loss - thats brill! We can do this just as you said before need to be honest to ourselves and stick to the plan.
Hope your having a good week and that your weight loss continues x

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