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Tricks of the trade!


gunna be a fatty for ever
Hiya everyone

Im looking for a bit of inspireation and not really sure what I can and cant do with the packs! Ive been havin a quick look round to see if theres any hints or tips I love the sound of banana custard! But I thought we could put them all in one place for other newbies to have a look at (sorry if it already is an ive jut not seen it!)

Im getting bored off shake blended with ice!

thanks in advance

Love katie

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Hey hun, i was looking at this yesterday, if you look on the Cambridge diet forum they have recipes on theirs, which could be borrowed ;) x
Apparantly CD have said that the recipes are not recommended because the alterations to the packs etc can affect the nutrients etc in them.

They recommend if youre going to start messing about with packs you have the adapted pack as an EXTRA one not one of your '3 a day' but they dont recommend them at all for people who are SSing (the equivelant of our TS)

Its a better idea to try packs hot or to add pepper/spices etc to them or coffee/sweetner (though I wouldnt necessarily recommend this in soup ;) )
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And we're on so few calories a day its important to get them all. Personally the way I see it is Im not going to be on this diet for ever, no its not the most fun but short term pain etc :) The packs might not be the tastiest thing in the world but they do the job and then I have the rest of my life to have custard, muffins, crisps etc - real ones ;)
I tend not to experiment too much because im scared i ruin the packs haha. I can live without muffins or custard etc. But if i do fancy a treat, i make up a shake pack with approx 150-200mls of water and stick it in the freezer.....after a while its kind of like a runnier version of ice cream. Very yummy! Ive also made ice lollies with them....around 200 mls of water (sparkling preferably) and freeze in lolly moulds (i get 4 out of one pack)....turn out like a mini milk xx
Wow mini milks are amazing, i'll have to try that
You should try! Its prob my fave thing to do with the packs (altho it took a few attempts to get the amount of water right lol). Helps get u thru the night as well if you have something to munch on while watching tv. Ive done the same but stuck them into ice cube trays too so i have a good lot of mini milk type ice cube sized treats for watchin tv with at night! xx


gunna be a fatty for ever
Thanks everyone!

Some fab ideas, though you ad to use the shakes 20 mins after they have been made up?

I am one of those boring types who darent' risk ruining a pack. I tend to have mine straight or hot, banana and coffee are really nice, and usually have a hot choc in the evening, when the weather changes I'll have them cold but I'm trying to get myself off eating cakes, crisps, ice cream and stuff, so making them seems bit daft, can anyone suggest how to make a pack into a healthy salad???????
I agree that as far as possible the shakes should be taken as they are with minimal interferance but sometimes when the going gets tough and altering them slightly or making them into something a little more comforting is what it takes to keep us going then I am all for it. I applaude anyone that can do this diet 100% but most of us at some point waiver and if being creative stops us from straying too far then it really isn't a bad thing. xx
Funnily enough my friend on CD mentioned that experimenting with packs is not good as they lose their nutritional value. I`ll try not to but god the muffins n custard r so yummy... they stop me from eating meat which I so love:). Nibbling on chicken doesnt do it for me am more pork chops, steak n fish lol well except for Nandos chicken x

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