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Tricky Third Week


Just keep swimming ...
Hi everyone.
After spenind time hanging around this forum, I decided to give lipotrim a try and have had a successful two weeks.

I'm living proof of the old adage that dieting makes you fat! I first joined weight watchers in 1988 when I weighed 13.5 stone. 20 years later, and having been a memebr of every diet club/gym in my area, I'm 10 stone heavier! So, I've decided to give LT a try as I'm hoping that a TFR diet will help me break the bad relationship I have with food. Interstingly, when I was 13.5 stone I was thoroughly ashamed of my weight; now if I was 13.5 stone, I think I'd tattoo it on my forehead

I've only told two people that I'm doing this- my hubby and my sister-in-law. I'm keeping quiet about it to everyone else as i dont want to listen to the negative comments that might come my way. You know the ones.......

Weight lost quickly soon comes back on--No sh*t Sherlock. Have you seen me recently. I'd say any weigth lost soon comes back on with out a life style change.

Its better to lose weight with execise and a healthy diet---Really! Gosh I wish someone had told me that before, I might have tried it


Following a VLCD isn't healthy----Well the diet I've been following recently certainly hasn't been good for my health. At least this way I know I'm getting the right nutrients/vitamins

Anyway rant over and back to my reason for posting. As I siad, I've been a memebr of every sliiming club and I've always set off with really good intentions. Had two good weeks, and then been overwhelmed with boredom and the length of the journey ahead. On the third week, I start bending the rules and cheating, and mor e often than not, I end up with a weigth gain. From then on, its off/on till I give up.

I dont want this to happen this tiem, and I'm half way through week 3 now. However, its harder this week and I nearly cracked and had some toast earlier. I've come to bed no out of the way of temptation. So I'm going to read some of the inspirational stories on hear once more to keep me on the striaght and narrow(and hope my boys don't bring me breakfast in bed tomorrow). And if its ok with you lot, I'll be back to post some more to get me through the week :cool:
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Just keep swimming ...
Weekend over and back to work today. Sunday's are always a problem for me because, since my dad died last August, I spend the day with my mum. Usually we go out for a drive somewhere, which generally involves stopping for a coffee and cake. Then she comes back to our house and I cook a roast dinner for the family.

I've not told mum that I'm doing the diet as she just wouldn't understand and would worry herself sick about me. (You'd never think I was 42). And her way of dealing with worry is to talk about it with everyone, so my cover would be blown! So, I can avoid the coffee and cake quite reasonably by saying I'm on a diet, but the Sunday lunch is a bit of a problem.

The compramise i've reached is to have meat and some veg, but no potatoes, peas or gravy. I think this should keep me in ketosis by avoiding carbs, but its a struggle not to shove a roastie in my mouth yesterday. Mind you, had to give my hubby really hard stare over the table yesterday as he made some comment about how I must look forward to actaully eating something on a Sunday :mad: thankfully he picked up the stare and shut up.

I wouldn't care but mum has also done every diet in the world, including using slimming tablets. When I was getting married she lost 5 stone in 5 months with those. She now admits it was the wrong thing to do. So she thinks this makes her an expert, and even more entitled to nag me about how dnagerous she thinks doing a TFR is. I love her very much and she's a bit fragile since Dad died, so not telling her is better in the long run. but sunday's are def killing me at the moment. Still its a small price to pay. Just hope I keep on losing and that eating small amount of meat and veg on sunday doesn't affect me, because I'd sooner give up the diet than give up Sundays with mum.

Mind you, Dad died of a sudden stroke, something linked with obesity. so maybe she'd understand. Time will tell. ...........Or maybe I'm just being morose at the moment because the PMT fairy is visitng with avengeance at the moment!:angel09:. What ever it is, writing this down helps me see things a bit clearer, so if its ok with you, I'll carry on.

Your doing Great, Just think of the big picture, You really want the weight off. The diet is'nt too bad. It can be tough mentally, Try and drink as much water as possible, I drink at least 4-5 litres a day.

I'm on my fifth full week now and am very happy with it. I plan on staying on it for another 8 full weeks. I'm trying to stay focussed. I've booked a holiday away 2 weeks after i finish the diet, I'm really looking forward to this. Try and set yourself a few targets, and reward yourself with by doing something nice.

I have being putting skimmed milk in coffee twice a day since week 3 and have had a Tuna Steak 2 to 3 times a week since week 3. It has'nt really affected my weight loss and makes me feel normal. I also believe it's healthier for me to eat some protein(cooked in oven, no oil, peeper,chilli flakes). I'm trying to excersise 30 mins a day, and drinking green tea. I havent tried any other food and am getting no cravings for other food.

Hope this helps a little,

Keep it up.



Just keep swimming ...
Well AF has been a long time coming considering the amount of PMT I've been suffering since saturday. But she's finally here today just in time for tomorrows 3rd weigh in.

Found the past two days hard, banging headache, stomache ache but I think its a combination of stress at work and not drinking enough. Managed to stay on TFR though, so hoping weigh in tomorrow will be ok.

We weigh in on a weekly basis at work and I've lost 5lb since last week on the office scales, but last week they had me 5lb heavier than pharmasist scales, so who knows what to expect tomorrow. I'll be happy with 3, but even happier with 4.

Got my nieces wedding at end of July and then going on holiday the week after, so now in zone to stay on LT till then. That's a big change round for me. wehnfirst started I said I was going to only stay on for 3 weeks max, just for a kick start and to shrink stomach. But now I'm at end of week 3 I can see myself staying on longer.

I'll have to have a week of over Easter as I'm taking my mum and my boys up to visit family in Scotland. My hubby is styaing behind to replaster dinning room (big aww for him). Plus, over Easter weekend is my hbby's 50th birthday, so we're going out with family for that.

So not counting the week I'm on holiday (and the week after that where I might have to lose weight gained while on holiday) and thinking that i have to shop for an outfit a couple of weeks before the wedding; its about 12 weeks of TFR before I go shopping. That should mean i can get at least 3 stone off by then.

:rainbow:If I do that I'll be able to shop in a wide range of shops for my outfit and not just the dreaded Evans. Mind you my problem is that I'm 6ft tall and so losing 3 stone isnt such a dramatic difference as someone who is avergae height, and givent that I'm a size 26 now, I might still be in Evans. :hmm:

Still at least i'll be a smaller size. Time will tell.
Weigh in day tomorrow. wish me luck, i'll post in the afternoon.

good luck for your WI tomorow janey23.
:) :)


Just keep swimming ...
Well, thats another 3lb off!! :eek: 19lb in three weeks and tricky third weekly almost successfully completed (more of that later)

Have to be honest and say I was hoping for 4, but with it being TOTM and all, 3's good enough.

Plus had little slip up last night. My hubby and I usually go out every Wednesday night (kids sleep at Grandmas). We started doing this about 8 years ago when our marriage was going through a bit of a wobbly bit; and its really improved things. Unfortunately he's been on permanent nights since December, so we've not been out since then. Any how, last night he got home really early and was very keen on us getting out for a couple of hours,as we've become ships that pass at teatime since December. I was really good and stuck to water until the last drink when i had a brandy. Now i've read other threads debating about whether you can drink on LT, and seeing as I had about 3 pints of water in my system by then, I'd thought i'd chance it.

Let me tell you, DONT! Before I started LT, I'd regulary have 4 double brandys on a Wednesday night with out feeling too inebriated (sp?). Last night, this brandy went straight to my head and I felt i had 5 doubles striaght away.
:sign0137:But this moring was even worse. I felt like i had an horrendous hang-over. I felt sick, dizzy, unable to stand up. It took me 2 hours to get ready for work instead of the usual 1 and i was late for work (good job i'm the boss!):jelous:

So lesson learned, no more alchol for me while on TFR! Onwards and upwards and hopefully another 3 or 4 next week!


Just keep swimming ...
Why is it always someones birthday and why do they have to bring cakes for everyone!

Had a good day so far. Was worried that after having a drink on wednesday night, i'd be out of ketosis and back to day 1 and have to go through those miserable couple of days waiting for hunger pangs to subside etc. However, not felt to bad. Had occasional hunger pangs but not too much.

I work with 57 people and I've found its always someone's birthday and that means there's always cakes/chocolates/biscuits in the staff room! And when its not someone's birthday, someone else will bring cakes in because its either their dogs birthday (I kid you not), their daughters passed her driving test or just because its Friday. Its one of the things I used to love about this place, but now its driving me mad. You can't go in the staffroom to make a cuppa without seeing all the goodies on offer on the tables. Its very trying.

I've tried saying that the next person to bring cakes in is sacked, but they just dont take me seriously! :p I've even told them we have a mouse in the kitchen so no unopened food to be left lying around, but they dont believe me on that one either!

Ah well, at least its the weekend now, so that challenge is out of the way till Monday. Mind you, its just "Family night" to get through. This is when we rent a DVD or watch the latest on SKy Movies together and chow down on crips/pop and chocolate. I've resisted temptation the past couple of times, so wish me luck for tonight.

Good luck to everyone else on the LT journey. Lets fight the good fight together!:character00116:
19 lbs down in 3 weeks, awesome. We all have challenges. I'm going to watch a rugby match tomorrow and it's also a friends Birthday. I will stay off the drink, I would'nt be able to have 1, if i had 1 i'd have to have 5. I'll have a few waters and maybe a diet coke or two. I'll have to skip the meal out, that would be very tough. I'm very Lucky, I'm not really craving anything bad. Just Tuna steaks, a beer would be great. This Diet part is Easy. Trying to keep the weight off will be the real challenge. Hopefully i can change my ways.

Wow Janey you are doing so, so well!!! I'm still in my first week and not finding it too bad... had a few hunger pangs, although they seem more like "fancies for something".. I just can't figure out what, lol! Still... I couldn't resist having a few cheeky weigh-ins during the week and I'm very, very pleased... got to day four and had already lost 11lb... official weigh in day is this Monday coming..... can't wait!!!

Goood luck this week!


Just keep swimming ...
19 lbs down in 3 weeks, awesome. We all have challenges. I'm going to watch a rugby match tomorrow and it's also a friends Birthday. I will stay off the drink, I would'nt be able to have 1, if i had 1 i'd have to have 5. I'll have a few waters and maybe a diet coke or two. I'll have to skip the meal out, that would be very tough. I'm very Lucky, I'm not really craving anything bad. Just Tuna steaks, a beer would be great. This Diet part is Easy. Trying to keep the weight off will be the real challenge. Hopefully i can change my ways.

Thanks for the encouragement Phil! How did you get on at your night out?

Sorry, not worked out how to "thank" fellow poster for thier words of encouragement


Just keep swimming ...
Wow Janey you are doing so, so well!!! I'm still in my first week and not finding it too bad... had a few hunger pangs, although they seem more like "fancies for something".. I just can't figure out what, lol! Still... I couldn't resist having a few cheeky weigh-ins during the week and I'm very, very pleased... got to day four and had already lost 11lb... official weigh in day is this Monday coming..... can't wait!!!

Goood luck this week!

Hi Sam!
Good luck for tomorrow! Thanks for words of encouragement. Going out with mum now to local garden centre while the sun is shinning. Feel confident in avoiding cake. Going to sit and sip water, thinking about how much better I'm going to look and feel when I'm sitting in the Portugal sun in August! :character00238:


Just keep swimming ...
Had a really good day yesterday! Hubby and I went for a walk round Cheshire Oaks (retail village). Normally I only go in the shops selling handbags or the kitchenwear shops! Yesterday I ventured into Monsoon and tried on some size 22 clothes (I'm usually a 26/28) and they very nearly fit!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ended up buying a gorgeous royal purple dress from Monsoon that was reduced from £130 to £25. :eek: Well I say dress, but I'm so tall, I'll end up wearing it as a top over long white trousers. Its still a bit on the small size around the tummy area, but I plan on wearing it on Easter day. I've left it hanging on the outside of my wardrobe to motivate me from when I get up first thing in the morning.

I cant tell you how great it felt trying on dresses two sizes smaller than normal! It was really motivating and I walked round with a big grin for the rest of the day! :D


Just keep swimming ...
Yesterday was ok.

Went to a garden centre with mum. sat with cup of tea whilst she had big scone with jam and cream. Didn't even stick my fingers to hoover up the crumbs (souds disgusting but something I would have done in the past).

Mum knows I'm on a diet but not twigged its a TFR yet.
I'm taking mum away for a week at easter, along with our two boys. (Hubby's staying at home to replaster dinning room.) Mum has commented on how much weight I've lost, so going to tell her I'm on a strict diet and stikcing to salads etc whilst away. I've decided that once we are back I'll go straight back to LT (booking an appointment with chemist for the day after we return). Once I'm back on it, I'll fess up to mum and deal with the constnat nagging that she's bound to give me as it arises.

GoD! I feel like I'm 16 again and frightendned of telling her something she wont like. Mind you, I was such a goody two shoes as a teenager, I never was in that position. I never smoked, drank, stayed out late, answered back etc. I never even had a hang over till I was 24. ;) In fact, I always said I didn't do my teenage rebellion till I was 40!
Mind you, me starting drinking alchol ties in with the start of me having a serious weight problem, so maybe there's lessons to be learnt there!


Just keep swimming ...
Felt bad yesterday. Had headache, was very snappy with family, so I went to bed at 8:15 and was asleep by 8:30!

Felt so much better this morning and even better, managed to put on a jacket for work that I've not worn for over 18 months. I tried it on Saturday but felt it was a bit snug around the middle, but today it felt just right! Hopefully that means I'm in for a good loss on Thursday!!

Fingers crossed!:fingerscrossed:
Hi Janey,

I survived the weekend. Went out for the Rugby, had 1 Diet coke(horrible), Fizzy water and Tea, would have loved a few pints, but did'nt. I skipped the meal out, would have been to hard. Had a Tuna Steak at home.

I've got Family visiting at Easter, Big meal out. I'm just going to eat a Fillet steak and salad. I know it's very bold, but if it keeps me away from all the other crap I've been eating, Great.

I've had a tough few days too, very hard to get motivated, No energy most of the time.

but it's only for another 6 weeks, I'm down 3 stone, 2 more stone would be Great. Thats all i'm thinking of. It's a great feeling losing so much weight.

I hope your mother understands the TFR, hopefully she suprises you.

Just try to think of yourself in 6 or 12 more weeks of doing this.

I find it tough and just want it to be over now, but it's going by fast enough, and i find the Tuna helps me alot.

Keep positive,



Silver Member
Hi Janey, Good to see you have set yourself goals. I havent set any but in 4 days, I have accomplished 3 lol being able to tie my own shoes for one!! I think you are doing great. Keep up the good work :)


Just keep swimming ...
To any one who's struggling . . . . just keep swimmng!

Had fourth weigh in and lost 6lb this week. :faint2: That makes 25 in four weeks on LT. I also lost 4lb in 4 weeks before startin LT, so I'm 27lb down since New Year.

When I started LT, I thought I'd just do it for 2 or 3 weeks, get a good kick start to diet and then join WW or SW to keep on. I just thought i'd never be able to "give up" food for so long. Also, there's no denying that TFR is a hard diet and there are some really rough days. So the thought of staying on it for longer than 2 weeks just blew my mind.
But I've decided to use Dory's catchphrase (For those of you without kids, she's the fish with no memory in Finding Nimo. When things get tough and she's lost her way, she gets through tricky situations by saying...Just keep swimming, just keep swimmng... until she's through) And so, i'm going to just keep swimming through this, taking it one day at a time until I'm where I want to be. I can honestly say, that having got through 4 weeks, I'm sure I can keep on until our holiday in august, and who knows what I'll weigh or look like by then!!!!

Thanks Phil for your encouragement. i went out again last night, but stuck to water! Felt much better this morning, even up in time to take dog for long walk and still be early for work!


Just keep swimming ...
Its the difference

Was thinking earlier on today "I've lost 25lb, going to try and be good and get another 5 off this week to make it a round 30".

Then I realised, with LT there is no trying to be good (but often failing.)
You either follow the diet or you dont. There's no "I'll have this cake now and no tea later"; there's no "I'll be extra good tomorrow to make up for this" or even no "surely one small bar of choccie wont make a difference". It really is a whole new way of thinking being on a TFR!
I can't try and fool myself (or the consultant) that I've been good when I haven't. I can't ty and cheat the system. I can't beat myself up with "if only I'd not...". Its all or nothing and its quite refeshing really.

So, what I think I'm trying to say is that i am leanring new ways of thinking and I am hoping (not trying) for 5lb next week. But if I dont get that i'll know its not my fault, its just they way things have worked out that week. And I'll just keep swimming!



Just keep swimming ...
My god, today has been hard work!

Work has been full of chocolate and hot cross buns. This morning, no matter where you stood in the building, the smell of toasting hotcross buns was overwhelming (and toast is my biggest downfall).
Then, I've had to give out loads of prizes of (you've guessed it) chocolate eggs! the smell was wonderful. Then, we decided to give everyone a consolation prize and I had to go to COSTCO and buy 400 cream eggs.
If that wasn't bad enough, have you ever been round costco in the morning? Its bad enough at the weekedn with the samples, but in the morning when its trade only customers, its practically torture.

I had to avoid free danish pastries, crossiants, sausage, chicken satay, cheese, breaded chicken and chocolate cake. I mus have burned up loads of calories running down the aisles away from the food.

This afternoon, two children were leaving so they brought boxes of chocolates, which they thrust under my nose and asked me to take one. Without thinking, I pooped one in my mouth!!!!:banghead:
Then burnt off loads more calories as I hurtled back to my office to spit it into bin! Nice mental image for you there.

Anyway, the bell has finally rung, thank goodnes and hopefully the last of the chocolate has gone out of the door. So it might be safe to venture out of my office to the staffroom again! We'll see.


Eyes on the Prize!!
Crikey what a day of torment!! Well done for not caving into the hot cross buns!!!

I sit opposite the office kitchen where there are toasted hot cross buns being made for breakfast lunch and afternoon tea and I know how hard it is to not rip a buttered toasted hot cross bun from out of my colleagues hands!!

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