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Trigger weeks

I have been most worried about trigger weeks so I thought I would start my own little thread about it so I can ask questions about any problems or worries I have.

I started week 8 last night and had my first small potato. I had 100g baked potato and didn't think too much of it really, it didn't tast as good as I remembered and I much prefered the tikka chicken that I had with it, now that was yum.

I am going to do all the trigger weeks to plan though as I do want to find any triggers and if and if any of those foods make me pile pounds on even if I only have a tiny bit.

I have a weigh in tonight and not too worried as it is TOTM so I fully expect to gain anyway but I am very nervous about next weeks weigh in as it will be after a week of trigger foods.

I have my weigh in and meetings on wednesdays but started RTM on the Tuesday (foundation and developers were on Mondays so my LLC had me start RTM the day after I had my last meeting) so I always start the next week the day before going to my meeting but just read my book a week in advance so I can ask my LLC any questions I have about the first day of the following week.

I am really worried about the trigger weeks as I know I will probably put on a bit as I haven't gained anything since I started RTM so haven't gained back any of my glycogen levels back yet (unless I have gained some back but lost more fat so it still ended in an overall loss)
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im on week 3 but have started thinking further ahead and cant say im looking forward to it :(
I'm not sure as yet if it has been ok with my weight as I only get weighed at my meetings on Wednesday but I have not done the 6 days (7th day is back to week 7 foods) and I haven't felt the need to binge or have any more than the recommended amount so hopefully I will be ok.

I know that potatoes and pasta aren't trigger foods for me. I have never really eaten rice and wont after RTM so didn't bother to eat it this week. I'm trying to keep it to food that I will eat when I have finished.

On Tuesday I start cereal/grains week and get weighed Wednesday so fingers crossed.


Playing the Angel
Woohoo, porridge is on the menu, so lovely at this time of year, and my god I hated the stuff, would never eat it prior to RTM. good luck with it all :)



ooh i just love the porridge and was never a big fan of it prior to LL, have it every morning now :)
Thanks Jezabelle

I'm the other way round, I loved porridge before LL and for the first 3 weeks I loved the LL porridge and then suddenly one day even the thought of the LL porridge made me heave. No idea why so now I'm scared to eat the every day porridge as I have a real phobia of being sick.

I have got some special K though as I have always loved it and I thought 25g would be a lot less flakes that it is. I didn't realise just how light in weight special k flakes are ha ha.

I am not going to bother with staples from last week even though I didn't have a trigger problem with them as I have realised I don't actually need them or even really want them