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  1. 4Real

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    Hi there
    I have just clicked on link to trimgel from this forum. Looks tempting? Anyone tried it, considered it or heard anything about it? Also, do you think it can be combined with VLCD?:confused:

    Thanks and I look forward to your ideas, opinions and successes with it. I may get some and be guinea pig!!! Oink oink....:p

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  3. 4Real

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    Im refreshing (this page and the weight loss!) in the hope that someone out there can offer me some advice about TRIMGEL...gel that enables you to lose 10lbs in a week...before i buy it! Is it a scam?? Is it safe to do VLCD and trimgel??

    Hey ho...
  4. 4Real

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  5. Deb G

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    The VLCD will get you trim - I wouldn't waste money on pills/potions/gels that claim to do the same! Look at all the tickers on LL and CD forum for evidence.
  6. Amber34

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    I've never heard of it before but I'd be very sceptical of this. I'm not convinced that something applied topically could speed up your metabolism.

    How would you know whether it was working? Would you attribute any weight loss to the gel or to Cambridge, which we know works? You may do better to try each option independantly then you could judge for sure.

    If I were you I'd leave this for a while. If you're still keen to give it a go then perhaps wait until you're almost at goal?
  7. Kate

    Kate CDC/PT/PITA

    Save your money!
  8. Sweetpea

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    Cambridge Diet
    How can a gel that you apply to your skin stop you from feeling hungry and speed up your metabolism as this claims?

    There are adverts like this in women's magazines all the time and so many gullible people fall for them. They talk about not putting the gel on so often if you start to lose too much weight. If it actually worked don't you think the Government would instruct all GPs to give it to everyone who is overweight to get everyone down to a healthy weight and save the NHS money in the future?

    Sadly too many people will try this because they want a quick fix - the only pounds they'll lose are from their purses. I've even been stupid enough in the past myself to buy slimming patches.

    It took a while to put the weight on - it will take some time and effort to get it back off again. Fact of life.
  9. robin75

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    Looks like I'm (a lot) behind the times, but anythehoozee... I started using Trimgel today. Ordered it off the internet and to my great surprise the instructions weren't very useful and when I went on their site..conflicting!! :confused::confused:
    I of course took the capsule and applied the gel and am no thinner now than I was this morning;) lol :D
    unfortunately, I can't sleep and have a terrible headache and my heart is racing!!! Think I should have waited for my reply e mail from the customer support to start, know how it is:cry: Anyway will keep you posted:eek::eek::eek:
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