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** Trimming Tuesday Thread **

Trimming Tuesday

1. All the odds and ends of food which were left in my fridge after having people over for meals over xmas are going in the bin. (trimmings in the bin)

2. Going to have my hair trimmed and highlighted

3. Going to start exercising again to encourage a new trim body to emerge.

Yes I know sad isn't it - lol I'm an English teacher - I can't help it. Playing with vocabulary amuses me!

Well folks my 9lbs on over xmas is now reduced to 2.5 lbs which feels much more manageable. I am back on SS and feel in control again.
Projects for today - clearing out a cupboard, starting a translation I have to do, sticking to SS and getting hair done.

Hope you all have a lovely day.
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please try again
morning all, hope everyones having a good day

well today i cant decide weather to drive across the country to my dad or not, still got the familys pressies sat here and since the weathers meant to get bad again tomorrow im thinking todays the day ( should call and check hes in really )

cd wise im firmly back in the saddle now so since my next weigh in isnt until next thursday im hoping it shows an overall loss

im cracking on with the water, no packs yet, not hungry just yet
Hello alexice and summayah

Hoping to be severely scolded. Managed almost 4 days of SS and then fell off the wagon. What am I up to these days, tut tut!

Really want to sort out my weight problem once and for all in 2010 but now seem to have given into New Year invites involving food.

Will look around the shops today for a short while but not in a shopping mood (till I spot an 'unmissable bargain' ha ha !

Wishing a successful day to all x
Hi everyone, mind if I tag along? I have a feeling I'm gonna need all the help I can get!

I'm loving the title of this thread today, AlexIce - inspired. Hope all your trimming plans work out well. I don't think I can face much in the way of exercise just yet - maybe a walk later? :)

Sumayyah, well done on getting back in the saddle. I hope if you do go to see your Dad that you have a nice easy journey!

Bling, consider yourself told off :copon:

LOL, that's rich coming from me who hasn't even able to make it through Day 1 yet. :D :D

Come on though hun - you can do this. Not all of the work you put into those 4 days will have been undone - you'll actually have lost some 'real' weight in those days and not just the water weight, so the sooner you can get back on with it, the sooner you'll start seeing the results! God knows I know it's hard right now though...

Me, hmm. No real plans today, which may or may not be a bad thing. Right now, I'm still sitting in bed (I know, how decadent :D) sipping at a cup of tea.

Like Bling, wishing everyone a successful day!
Quiet here today, huh? I guess that's to be expected until after the New Year?

Hope everyone who wanted to be strong stayed strong. I've managed to get through most of Day 1 - it's nearly six and I still have a shake to go, so I think I'm finally going to be okay.

I thought I would be seeing my CDC tomorrow but she's not well so I'm going to leave it a few days. Probably just as well - she'd give me a right ear-bashing if she saw how much weight I managed to put on over Christmas. Hopefully by the time I see her I'll have lost half a stone or so! :D

It's not snowing here yet, just raining, though I think snow's forecast. I'm getting really cold just the same - I'd forgotten how cold you get in the first few days!


please try again
well didnt make the drive, him indoors refused to come with me

had 1 pack so far and 2.5l of water
well didnt make the drive, him indoors refused to come with me

had 1 pack so far and 2.5l of water
Grrrr... I don't blame you for not wanting to go on your own, though. Still, at least you're having a good CD day so far.

I've almost made it to the end of Day 1, but have to confess to eating some chicken just now. I know it's not the end of the world, but I wish I could've talked myself out of it.

Ah well. I'll try to do better tomorrrow. At least I've eaten an awful lot less than I shovelled down myself yesterday... :rolleyes:
Hi everyone!!!! Not been around much lately. Been working lots and had loads of stuff to sort out before christmas. I have popped on a couple of times and it is so quiet on here!! Got a wii fit and wii fit plus for christmas from the other half. Only went on it today but I was on it for over 2 hours!! I love it. Hope everyone had a lovely christmas x x
Hi folks :) well the day is nearly over and missions accomplished. Lots of tidying and clearing out done, recycling taken, hair done - I think I shall adopt this new hairdresser. The guy I have been going to for years had to retire due to ill health and for two years I have been trying out new people today I finally think I have found the replacement. She's in the village too so easy to get to.

Tomorrow my mum goes back to UK - she'll be going on 810 when she goes back.
Hi everyone, just got in from work so catching up with the posts. I went back to work today.. oh what a day.. did really well most of the day but found myself mooching around in the kitchen.. don't know why really.. I ended up having my pack which is what I am supposed to have so don't know why I stuck my head in the fridge as what's in there belongs to my colleagues :eek:

So far I have managed to drop three of the seven pounds I gained over christmas, weigh in day on saturday so I need to be super good new year's eve as I'm going to a party.. for the last few years I've stayed in home alone feeling fat and misearable.. I'm two stone lighter than this time last year so hopefully I will have more confidence to go out.

so as we head into 2010 I WILL loose another four stone this year.. :)

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