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Trisha's first week on SW

Hello ladies, I am a newbie and this forum looks great for hints, support and recipes. I am usually a ww girl so this is all new to me and hope that I am following this right. This is my food diary so if i am going wrong somewhere hopefully someone can put me right. I only used 7 1/2syns on wednesday, none on thursday and 5 yesterday, is this ok or should I be using all 15 syns?

L- Ham salad ( HEA), banana and natural yoghurt with a sprinkle of sweetner.
D- Chicken Stew
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hey there i only joined a week ago and was a ww girl before this. SW is soooooooooo much better and you never seem to go hungry.... i was always hungry on ww. I am maybe not the best person to ask but as far as i know you can use between 5-15 syns a day and you dont have to use 15 but you have to have at least 5 as funny enough if you dont have your syns it slows your weight loss down.... work that out? I dont get it either!!!! But i havent had my 15 every day..... and did loose..... how you finding it so far?
thanks for that, will have that wee Milky Way sitting in my fridge then lol.
I am finding it great, really easy and defintely don't feel like I am on diet and am finding it easier to cook for the whole family without having to use a seperate pot for me.
How did you do in your first week?

Thats great.... I lost 2 and a half pound in first week cant believe it but today put on a pound but weight changes every day right and i should stop sneeky peeking ha ha......
I have just been reading about having to have a third of your plate as super foods and all which i havent been doing but will try ..... its all new and after getting your head round ww its a new way of working isnt it. I love that you dont have to weigh much .... i was always out with my flamming ww calculator and thats no way to live...... enjoy your milky way lovely...... i have them chocolate delight pots for deserts..... 5.5 syns and so yummy....:D
hi both of u i was told to have between 10 and 15 syns then if ur weight loss slows u have something to cut back on good luck to both of u :)
hey ive been doing sw for 6 weeks i used to be a massive fan of ww but just couldnt see any results from ww this time round so did sw and im really happy there is lots of support and ideas on here the girls on these boards are very supportive and full of inspiration (food diaries area) will give you lots of ideas if you feel your getting stuck.
good luck x

B- bacon butty ( 6 Syns)
L- ham salad with a fruit salad and yoghurt (A)
D- roast chicken, potatoes, brussel sprouts, carrots, cabbage and gravy ( 2 1/2 syns)
snacks- 3 ryvita (B) with dairylee triangle (1) and s.chilli sauce (1) and treat size buttons (4)

Have been wanting to eat all day just out of habit. Sunday is usually our vegging day were we watch dvds and eat goodies so completely different day today.

Also made the superspeed soup, tastes lovely and will have that for lunch tomorrow.
Hey ladies,
I started slimming world last month, and i've lost 9lb im loving it i've tried ww in the past and i could never get my head round it. i don't use all my sins all the time, i usually try to save them for the weekend or for a night off work. I try to just fill up on fruit! :) whens your weigh in day? :) x
Hi Sarahlou,
I weigh in on a Tuesday night and am dreading it lol, just because I haven't felt hungry and feel like maybe i've been eating too much, but if it works for me then the plan is great and I haven't really felt like i'm on a diet.
Well done on your loss so far thats great!
Thanks! :)
Well fingers crossed for tomorrow, be sure to let us all know how you get on! i thought i must have been doing it wrong at first cos i was never eating and obviously being on a diet you expect to be starving haha. well good luck! xx
Last night was a great result, have 10lb on my first week woo hoo!:D
Now yesterday was our anniversary and we decided to stay in and have a chinese instead of a meal out.
I had 1/2 portion of crispy chilli chicken, handful of chips. 1/2 portion of breast chicken curry with 1/2 portion fried rice and 3 profiteroles from tesco.
Have no idea of the syn values of the chinese am off now to try and work it out so i can do some damage control. The profiteroles have 15 syns in them for 3 :eek:

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