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ProPoints Trishas propoints diary.


Hippety Hop!
Hi Trisha, Good to get a diary up and running but - er..umm..haven't you been here before?
Just wondered why you haven't picked up on your other diary(s). Is it because of continually trying to make a "new" start? Or perhaps having trouble finding it?

I do wish you all the very best and hope you manage to stick to your chosen route. I shall be watching with interest to see how things are progressing...Take care....:)

Well done on your loss so far!
Hello Hun! Checking in to see your diary :) xx
Well here I am again, back to ww ( again). Think i'm here to stay this time lol

Anyway joined in with the biggest loser competition ( thanks Carly) and decided to have a go at writing a diary and updating it and then if i'm going wrong somewhere people can point it out!


Thursdays is normally a busy day for me but my hours ar work have been changed round and I dont start until 4 -7.30pm now, not very dinner/child friendly :(
I am a diet coke addict along with a chocolate addict and not a great cook!



slice of hovis bread with flora and tesco lighter cheese slice- 5pp
ww yoghurt- 1pp
glass of diet coke.
Total= 6pp

Pint of water along with 15 mins workout dvd section.

2 slices hovis bread (5), salad cream (1), roast chicken, 3 slices wafer thin (1),lettuce and tomato and cheese (2)- 9pp
time out, 1 finger- 2pp
Total= 11pp

Afternoon snack- mini tub philly choc cheese- 2pp
Pint diluting juice

Dinner- ciabatta bread (4), grilled chicken (6), chicken gravy (4), criss cross fries (7) ,lettuce tomato
Total =21 pp

Twirl from multipack- 5pp
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Oh i would love chips!

Daily- 46/46
Weekly 36/49

Breakfast- slice of toast, flora and cheese- 5pp
Ww yoghurt - 1pp

Lunch- 2 bread( 5), chicken (1), lettuce, tomato, cheese (2), salad dressing (1)- 9pp
Twirl -5pp

Muller crunch corner- 6pp
Tin diet coke

Dinner-gammon steak (2),mash (3), beans (5)
Carmel bar (5)

Snacks- slice wheaten bread (2), flora (1),cheese (4)
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I'm sure i'm not alone when I say that I struggle at the weekends and weigh in on a Sunday morning which means I try to be really good on a Saturday even though it's not much fun.

Daily- 18/46
weekly- 36/49

Breakfast- 2 wheaten bread, flora, 1 cheese slice = 8 pp
glass of diet coke

Into town with my wee man today, no daughter and it's a treat for us to spend one on one time.

Lunch- subway melt with bbq sauce- 10pp

Trip to cinema and I only had a diet coke- 0pp

Daily = 46/46
Weekly= 49/49
Slice of wheaten bread with flora-3pp

2 frankfurters (8)
2 bread and flora (5)
Caramel (5)
Total = 18pp

Chocolate croissant (10)
Lolly (3)

Soft noodles- 10pp
Curry sauce -8pp
1 chicken ball - 3pp
Slice bread and flora (3)
Total =24

Time out -2pp

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