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Hi everyone!

Yay! The dreaded first week is now over with no hiccups or slip-ups thus far!

Yes, ok, so there were a few treacherous moments, take-away menu in hand, cue me ooohing and aaahing over what delights I could get, but nope, I stuck to my guns, and I'm now here at day 8.

Of course I know in the coming weeks I'll have plenty more similar moments of weakness, however this diet is pretty much idiot proof if stuck to correctly so the thought knowing that by summer I'll be able to slip into lovely clothes and dresses keeps me going.

Ok, so I won't be Kate Moss, however come September and college time, hopefully I'll be down to a size 10/12 - I just know that IF I stick with it and resist temptation it CAN be done.

I haven't started any exercise yet - the paths are far too slippy to walk on, everywhere is like a sheet of ice, so no broken bones for me thankyou please!

However I got a Wii a few days ago and I have the new Wii Fit Plus ordered so hopefully should have that sometime next week and I'll get cracking with that.

We have no running water at all in our house - thanks Mr Frozen Pipes - so I'm off to a hotel tonight for a bit of luxury, and finally be able to have a lovely hot shower..!!

My college is being closed til next Thurs due to the snow and ice, so I have a few more days to catch up on some reports and essays.. oh the joys!

Anways, here's the start to another week for me, wish me luck guys!
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rainbow brite

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Great job on being so good and making it to day 8! I think I've missed your WI post (if there was one) so what was your first weeks result? I'm on day 6 today and have lost 8lb so far so ecstatic with that :D I can't resist a cheeky WI every morning lol

Enjoy your time at the hotel - sounds lush and almost makes me wish my pipes would freeze up... almost lol



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Cngratulations on getting to day 8 and completly cheat free, well done you an great achievement, anything is possible now hey! Keep up the aazing work


Trixie Firecracker

A Work In Progress
G: 9st4lb
Hi everybody!

Nope, I haven't fell off the face of the Earth!

I've just been super busy with college and work, been up til 1am most evenings getting coursework done, agh! :(

I have however been checking in regular on the forum lurking! ;)

I'm pleased to say that I've made it through my first 2 weeks cheat free and surprisingly easy!

I've just finished Day 15 today and I'm feeling good!

The past fortnight has just flown by, and I have a feeling this week is gonna be the same as I'll be so busy with college. So here's hoping I don't get struck down with those dreaded 3rd Week Blues!

I haven't weighed myself since I started so I have no idea how much weight I've lost - I'm afraid if I weigh myself it'll just dishearten me when I have to think of how many weeks I'll be doing TFR for - but anyways, I know if I stick to it 100% I'll be losing each week.

The weight loss isn't gonna slow down just because I'm not keeping track with a scales.

It's actually refreshing not to be obsessed with figures and scales this time round, letting the weighing scales be my mood indicator for the rest of the day.

I tried to get on the TFR wagon a few times over the past 18 months and just couldn't do it, always gave up after 2 weeks or so - too much temptation for partying and going out with friends.

I really think, no I *know* that this time around I can do it though and stick with it til I hit goal! :D

Hope everyone else is doing well and congrats on all the fantastic weight losses girls!! I'm almost jealous cause I don't know what mine are to compare with! lol

Oh and in other news... I'm loving the soups! Didn't think I would, but over the past few days I've been really looking forward to a nice, hot, creamy bowl of soup in the evenings.

Can't wait til Exante put back the Bumper Shakes Offer, I want to place another order now that I know I will definitely be sticking with TFR for the foreseeable future!

That's all for now folks...