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Trouble getting past day 1!!

How sad/bad is this? Every night I go to bed convinced tomorrow is going to be the day I successfully stick to Exante and everyday I let myself down. Either I don't sort something out first thing in the morning or I have a bar in the morning, soup for lunch and then start snacking about 5pm and then either go to pot or just don't have a third exante thing.

Does anyone have any advice please?

I have something mid November that I would like to lose at least a stone for, preferably a stone and a half but I seem to sabotage myself so easily and so often.

This is one of the quickest weightloss plans I know and would make me so much happier, healthier, fitter etc if I lost a good amount of weight but I seem to be set to self destruct and it's not just me it affects anymore, I have a young family which I would like to have more energy for.

Where am I going wrong (apart from the obvious ie eating!!!)?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Are you drinking enough water?
Sometimes we feel peckish if we haven't had enough.
The first few days are really hard but once you are past those it does get easier.
If you start snacking at 5pm perhaps you could try distracting yourself at that time....go for a walk, phone someone, come on here and chat/play games, have a bath.

I was exactly like you, this time last year I started exante for the first time and couldn't get past the first day or two and here I am 1 year later and only just getting into my weight loss again. I could have lost ALL my weight by now.
This time I have to keep telling myself "do you still want to be this size in yet another year" Well no I dont. So I'm sticking with it and having lots of early nights!


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Getting passed the first few days is tough. I was like you...I would do good all day then fall off the wagon in the evening. For me I had to dramatically change the times that I had my packs. Instead of 8am, 1pm and 7pm for example I changed it to 1pm, 6pm and 9pm or there abouts. Waiting till the afternoon for your first meal might help because you can have the other packs later in the day, when you normally cave. In the morning I focus on drinking lots of water.

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Have you tried working down to total, instead of starting with it. Sometimes it helps just to gradually get into the plan. Other than that, how about splitting your packs so that you have 6 half packs a day x x
Agree with all of the above! If I'm going to cave its in the evening, so I split my packs in half and have 3 small meals during the day and three in the evening, with the last one just a few minutes before going to bed. That way if I have a craving I have something to hand that I can eat to help it pass. Also the water thing is really important - I've noticed I get a lot more urges to eat if I haven't drunk enough that day.
Good luck with today!
Is it giving your children dinner at 5 that sets you off? I have a 1 and 3 year old and their dinner always seems so much more tempting now i'm on this diet, it's hard not to pick at it! I'm trying to do more large batches of their food so i can freeze it for less cooking temptation at a later date! x
Thanks everyone for your hints, tips and words of encouragement! I'm halfway through the day and it's going well so far. Someone offered me my favourite biscuit this morning but managed to resist! I've had my soup and am trying to drink lots of water. I'm going to start filling a two litre bottle and keep it in the fridge and then I'll know how well I'm doing on that front.

Is it giving your children dinner at 5 that sets you off?
Yes - cooking for the boys can be a bit of a minefield with me picking at what they leave. I try to remind myself that I'm not a dustbin.
Thanks PeaceDove...I'm sure you'll do well on it. It's now that time of day when I'm sorting food out for the boys and I'm feeling quite peckish myself, so I'm going to have a lovely coffee and one of my bars. Feeling strong!


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Is there any way you can completely change your routine for five days? I am not sure how your life works out but even going for a walk at 5 helped me. I had to get away from food especially in the early evening. I would put a meal on the table then exit to Minimins, a warm bath, clean my teeth, drink a large bottle of fizzy water - anything except hanging around food or watching food ads and cooking programmes on TV. If you can just change your routine at the hard times it gets easier. Once you are over the first week the temptation becomes less profound. I also took a week off work at first too - it made me change the habits associated with nibbles, alcohol and eating to relax and unwind.
Good luck, its a very difficult diet to start but in my experience it is more effective than anything else I have ever done.

Well I've only gone and got through Day 1!! Thanks again everyone for your comments and suggestions. I've used a few today and they've definitely helped.

GSQ - I'm going to try the toothpaste one when I get a craving or just before the boys eat. That's a great idea, thanks.

Today I didn't drink enough water but I did start my packs later, which really helped. Something so easy has really helped.

I'm sure I'll get through Day 2 now.
I was exactly like you... the best thing I did was have my bar in the evening :) you can do it. Its all in your head. Once you do that first day you will feel brilliant xx


Been liberated by Exante!
Just remembered another thing - I was reminded that I use to cook our tea with a slice of orange peel wedged between my teeth - a bit extreme perhaps but something worked. I don't need that now but at the start anything helped.
Well done for day 1.
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Thank you GSQ. Day 2 is going just as well and I managed to resist a lot of my usual downfalls today, so that was good. I need to up the water though. My belly at the moment sounds like a washing machine on a very thorough spin...lots of gurgles etc. It feels ok though, which is the main thing!

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