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Trouble Sleeping


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I was just wondering if anyone else was having trouble sleeping at all. over the last month or so I just can't sleep. I am always knackered now, dont have any energy, always waking up with headache and my whole body just ache, i cant get comfy in bed and it feels like any way i try and sleep i lay on a bone. I am the 15kcal plan so don't think it's anything to do with the diet but I am not sure.
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On the contrary I have no trouble at all in sleeping although I have read other threads that show it is a pretty normal side-effect of dieting.

I used to only have about 5 hours sleep a night and now get about 8! I was totally knackered when I first starting the CD but am now feeling more energised.

Hopefully you'll soon start sleeping well again.


Cambridge Counsellor
I don't sleep well generally speaking, unless I'm trying to watch something on the TV. It could be people in ketosis are too alert to sleep:bliss: - that's not me, I'm hardly ever alert and I'm certainly not in ketosis.

When I originally did the diet I slept soundly, but then I was 19, and had no stresses compared to what I have now. Maybe how stressed you are combined with dieting makes a difference.
Hi Nessa

I find my sleep is awful on cd - i wake up all the time and sometimes i am so wide awake it takes ages for me to get back to sleep. Its so annoying isnt it?

Hi! I posted a thread with the same title a couple of weeks ago. My pulse was really fast and I was agitated. Eventually worked out it was coke zero?! Nothing more irritating than sleep depriviation! Hope you work it out.
Hi, I've had terrible probs sleeping since starting VLCD and am now taking sleeping pills from my GP as a short term measure. Don't know why it is...maybe carbs make me sleepy and I'm not having many!

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