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    I have to go for my first ever smear after the birth of my lil boy and i am so scared .. scared isnt even the word its beyond that now i keep putting it of....

    I went 10 days overdue with him and had to have quite alot of internals and inductions which has scared me for life!!

    Please share your truthful stories about what happens and if it is sore!

    Esp would love to hear from those who had to have an episodimey (sp?) during the birth and needed stiches who have went for one after!

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    I had my first one at 20 then again at 24, 27 and will be due one this year.

    You go and the nurse will ask you to get undressed from waist down. They used to insert a metal device (about 3 or 4 inches long) which opens you up but now they use a plastic device which is just inserted. They tell you to relax and insert a swab for a few seconds just to get some cells. Mine have never hurt. You must be relaxed though as it will be harder to insert the initial device if not. I have never had any soreness during or after and it is very quick. I have also never felt the actual swab.

    If you have gone through childbirth, a smear is a piece of cake.

    Good Luck xx
  4. cah-ching

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    Not painful at all. The speculum looks scary, but it's really not. They put KY jelly on it to make it easier to insert. The most discomfort you get from the procedure is the coldness of the instrument and the 'being naked from the waist down'.

    It's true what they say, the key is to relax. I've had 5 in my time - i'm 31.
  5. xxemmaxx

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    thanks girls for your replies its always the unknown isnt it - sounds sill coming from someone who has just recently had a 10lb baby but he was easy compared to the internals that have scared me lol ill go and get it booked :):)
  6. joshuasmummy

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    Mine wasnt 10 pounds but I know how you feel cause 1 push and he was out ripping me front to back
    I was sore there for 8 months
    I had a smera when Josh was 10 months and didnt feel a thing honest
  7. cah-ching

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    My first smear was around 21 and I've been having them regularly ever since.

    You're asked to lie in a position and then the nurse inserts the speculum thingy and scrapees away. It doesn't actually hurt, the most uncomforablt thing is when the speculum thing is opening you up.

    It's not bad honestly.
  8. cah-ching

    cah-ching Gold Member

    Doh! I've already replied once!!! :D
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