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Try this for a bit of realisation

In a class I once attended there was a woman who one week brought in a black bag filled with all the food stuffs she could have eaten if she hadn't had self control. You know the kind of thing, the kids left over fish finger on the plate, the odd one or two packets of bikkies, the cake passed round at work, the bag of crisps found at the back of the cupboard etc. Well this is no word of a lie, she had half filled this black bag with stuff she otherwise would have eaten without thinking about it. Everyone was gobsmacked at the amount of food she had resisted and it just showed how easy it is to just shove food down us without giving it much thought if any.
So to this end I have my carrier bag ready next to the bin and for a whole week anything I am going to eat which I shouldn't, I am going to scrape it/put it straight into the bag and see just how I have saved myself this week from a dissapointing result on the scales.
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I want to be fitter again
I tried photographing on my phone everything I ate in a day It was unreal. Makes you realise what a wealthy part of the world we live in to have so much food above what our bodies need to survive xx
wow I minght try this, what a good idea! I might pass this onto my group too if you don't mind xx
What a fab idea, I think I am going to try and do it this week althought better not leave the bag by the bin or my 5 year old and 2 year old may throw stuff in there aswell just to make it look even worse. Then come next wednesday I'll take it to my weigh in and show everyone....bound to shock people into sticking to the plan.
I would do this but my othe half normally eats stuff for me that I resist lol and he would only moan if I 'wasted food' lol. He is the sort of person who eats what he wants and doesnt put weight on, damn him!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
This is a great idea!!
My Consultant used to tell me the Mabel story, about how Mabel was trying to be good and had a bite of her Mum's cake when they met for a coffee, had the kids left overs for tea etc and by the end of the day she had consumed a whopping 60 syns more than she should have just from those "forgotten" tit-bits.


Nojo on the YoYo
wow, what a brilliant idea! I may do this in a week or so and photo-capture it for a blog entry!

I love ideas like this, thanks Charlotte!
So far I have put in my bag

a portion of chocolate icecream (all runny now in container)

1 unopened bag of low fat crisps

my daughters leftover carbonara (would probably have eaten this cos the pasta is free, and convieniently forgott the rest that isnt lol.

Crusts of childrens toast with butter and jam (they have straight hair)

a sample box of honey cereal which o/h bought home for me to try (swine)
left overs from a bag of popcorn.

Might not seem much as its only a couple of days worth but its all syned food, and could have been down my throat without thinking, then come weigh day "blahhhblahhh why haven't I lost this week I've been ever so good" yeah right!!! Selective memory comes to mind lol.

"I might pass this onto my group too if you don't mind xx "

I don't mind at all hun, anything that helps. xx
Our consultant gave us the sheet with the Mabel story on it a couple of weeks ago but in it the woman is called Mrs Good but it's the same type of story. I will scan it and then put it on here if I can unless it is likely to get deleted cos SW gave it me. If anyone knows if they will delete it please save me the effort of putting it on here and I will find an alternative way of getting it to people that are interested.

It is definately a story about :hitthefan: when someone believes they have been good !
Have been thinking, if I am gonna save all the odds and sods that I could have eaten from the kids meals etc then better freeze what I can otherwise by next wednesday's WI it will apart from anything else stink !

So far resisted some mini choc weetabix bites, 3 fich dippers and a single stick of kit kat. Not bad considering I only stated my bag earlier.
I was just thinking that it might get a bit stinky over the course of a week! I love the idea though. Very graphic realisation. I do like the photo idea too - I think that's much more practical ;)
It's a bit late for me to do it this week, but I think I might do it next week...

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