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Trying to figure out which VLCD to follow


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Hi not sure how much help I can be but I've just started slim and save. Very reasonably priced and I think the shakes and meal packs are quite tasty. People who have been on it a while have had some very good losses x
Depends on a lot of factors

Cambridge you get from a councelor at a one on one session

Lipotrim is bought from a pharmacy and you get weighed by the staff

Lighter life has group counselling sessions

Exante and Slim & Save are bought online and are cheaper.

A lot of it is down to what suits you best Personally I'd recommend Exante it's great value for money. Good luck which ever you choose
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I've been doing Slim and Save for a few weeks and like the taste and variety of the range. I did Lipotrim in the past but the Slim and Save shakes are 100% nicer than the Lipotrim shakes in my opinion. Whatever one you choose you will need willpower and commitment as it's not a diet you can do off and on.


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I'm doing All About W8. I've done cambridge in the past, but this is much easier because you have 4 mealpaks a day, plus a snack, plus half a pint of skimmed milk for teas and coffees. The best thing about it for me, is it isn't all shakes and soups, there are proper foodpaks like spagbol, chilli, mac'n'cheese, cottage pie - they're like posh pot noodles also there is porridge for breakfast, so you can sit and eat proper and not just have a drink for a meal.
It will depend on your priorities.

I pay the extra for cambridge (it costs about £41 a week) partly because I like the structure of seeing someone each week, partly because cambridge does ready made shakes in cartons (tetras) which I find essential if i'm at work late or out for the day, and partly because I'm quite a fussy eater and they have a huge (the biggest?) choice of products: 10 shake flavours; 3 tetras; 6 soups; 6 bars; 3 porridges.

I have toyed with exante and slim and save, but it's the lack of tetras that really stops me switching.


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I have some Cambridge diet packs and the tetras are awesome. I thought because they were so small, I would not be satisfied, but they are great and yummy. The shake flavours are also really nice.

If I could afford it, I would definitely sign up with Cambridge x


Feeling great in 2012!
I think that Cambridge sounds like good value for the variety and cost considering you're getting a 1 to 1 session. And of course as you get packs every week you can get whatever mix of products you fancy without postage charges. However, for me, it was important to be able to get things by post and not have to travel to a counsellor as I live out in the sticks. The support on here is good too so you don't feel too alone. A friend I work with is doing Lighterlife but it's costing her over £70 a week and compared to my Slim and Save diet it's expensive. They do get 4 products a day tho and she seems happy to pay it, and has lost 3.5 stone so far.

I think the losses you can expect on any of the VLCDs are much the same so it will come down to personal choice at the end of the day.

Oh, and I wish another company would market a suitable tetra that you could buy online. I would LOVE a MRP tetra to take on days out. I have bought a few Atkins tetras that I take on days out occasionally along with a MRP bar but the Atkins shakes are not MRPs so not really ideal, but they do maintain ketosis.


This is really the time!
I also wish others would do Tetras. I have 13 of them left and wish I had more lol
I like slim and save , I order 5 items a day but have 4 , just works out cheaper

each day i have 2 shakes , 1 bar and spa bol meal with 200g allowed veg

its easy to follow , im in ketosis after 3 days , ill probably lose about 8/9 lbs the first week and 3lb per week after that

Theres a good group of us on it now so the support is definitely here

it costs about £3 per day , at the moment you can get free delivery and 10 free bars using a code I think its nov14 if you buy a months supply , you can also state what meals, bars , shakes you want

good luck whichever you chose

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