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Trying to get back in to the right frame of mind

Right I've had enough!

My most recent problems have been caused by a big tax bill, I have now done what I can with that and its under control.

Previously I was suffering from 'managed 100 days itis' and had started nibbling a lot and denying it mattered to myself. Confessing as I type lol.

I only have 20 pounds left to lose, which isn't much really its less than half what I have already lost!

So, for now I am on soups/shakes and water only until I know for sure ketosis is kicked back in and my 'mini' target is to lose 6 pounds, which is such a small amount I'm hoping it motivates me. After all then I'll be down to the infamously difficult 'last stone' which I hope to approach in the same manner, perhaps thinking of it in 2 chunks. Time will tell.

I am at home today as my daughter is ill, which makes it harder as theres too much opportunity to cheat! However I am determined and have been splitting my packs today so I can have something every few hours. Also counting my water religeously to make sure I get my 4 litres down.

I am also changing my work routine, I never used to have a lunch break whereas now I do, so I can take a flask now for a soup pack instead of using a bar. I'm thinking if I just use savoury drinks and water flavourings maybe it will come off just a tiny bit quicker? could be deluding myself there though....

Anyhow, I am going to use this as a mini diary this week, to check in and announce I am on track every day! maybe it will keep me on the straight and narrow.

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its 2pm, I have had 2 food packs and 1.25L of water.... need to drink faster!

Just given my daughter a chocolate biscuit, so I thought I'd come on here so I don't eat one too!



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Hi Mags,

Punkass has started a challenge to shift that last stone...I think she wants to lose a bit more but is focussing on the stone, you might find it a help http://www.minimins.com/weight-loss...ift-last-damn-stone-challenge.html#post124439

It is very hard when children are sick, I hope your daughter will be feeling better soon.

Water is key and I keep my water on the counter top to remind myself to drink it.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks mini, I popped over and signed up!

Its nearly 4pm, I've had 3 food packs and 1 and 3/4 litres water... really need to drink faster as I want to go to bed early and will end up in the loo all night otherwise!

My foodpack thats left I am going to half, have soup at 6pm, then some crisps with the other half afterwards. Probs be in bed by half 8 or so.... really need a good sleep!

Thinking thinking thinking of motivational thoughts... one more pound down for me will be less than 20 to go which seems significant... to be able to say 19 to go instead of 20 seems good!

Also I just worked out (if my maths is right) since this all started I have reduced my weight by approx 25%, which is shocking! I am only 3/4 the size I used to be! Once at target I will have lost 34% of my previous weight! thats amazing to think I allowed myself to get 34% bigger than I should be. 34% !!! thats more than a third!

its 1730 (yes I know I'm boring you but its helping me!)

I have had 2 and a half litres of water and still have a foodpack left.....

glug glug glug

Righto, thats the day pretty much gone! Its quarter to nine, I have just put Hannah to bed. I let her stay up later tonight as she slept a lot today and seemed a lot happier for it, hopefully tomorrow she will be a lot better.

I have had all my packs now and have just 3/4 litre water left to have, which I will take in a bottle to bed with me. I'm going to curl up with a dvd, hot water bottle and my dog! Hopefully I will be more lively tomorrow too! I'm not ill, just tired. Tonight I may or may not get much sleep what with the ever coughing Hannah who might need me, so I am going to make the most of the time and go now! As soon as I have finished the water I expect I will just go to sleep.

Yippee, I made it through today!

so far so good, I made half a choc pack and half a caramel, layered them together and froze them. I remember reading somewhere that it was nice, its ok but I prefer just choc I think! OK for a change though!

Very slow on my water today, but my little girl has been quite demanding today and woke up quite a lot last night, poor thing!

Go Mags!!

You're doing so well! :D I know it's hard when you're looking after your little ones when they're ill :( , but it sounds like you're really focussed!! :) :)

Keep going - you can do it! :D Don't worry about boring anyone... that's what we're all here for!! ;) And it's not as if all (or in fact, any) of my posts are scintilating either... :eek: Perhaps we should start a 'Read at your own risk - boring ramblings' thread? :eek: :D
Very slow on my water today, but my little girl has been quite demanding today and woke up quite a lot last night, poor thing!

AAWWWWW Mags how hard, how old is your daughter ?
Its so hard when they are ill its easy to grab anything to hand, we have all been there and done that.
But you have done so well Im sure you can keep it up.

xxx big kiss for your daughter (bless her)
lol, like the idea of 'read at your own risk' threads!

Sonya, Hannah is 2 (only just) she's a really good kid most of the time, sleeps all night, eats well, behaves most of the time! I'm very lucky really. I have given her a bath and she seems a bit happier for now. She's also not one of these kids who gets ill all the time, its only now and then that she is miserable!

We really are so lucky with her!

Only thing at the minute is she asks for toast which she loves, I make it for her and she eats a corner of it..... I would kill for a slice of toast! Its funny how I don't really crave for crisps and chocolate, but I am craving toast! hee hee.

Thanks for your support ladies it really means a lot. I have had about half a litre of water so need to keep at that again today, and I am going to split my packs again so if I do feel like a nibble I'll have half a soup instead.

Well its 2pm, Hannah is dozing and I really think (hope) she is on the mend!

I have had 2 food packs, and almost 2 litres water. I have given in and had a little water flavouring as it is a struggle getting it down. I am hoping I am in ketosis anyway, but if I still stay away from bars and savoury drinks, and just use a little flavouring hopefully it won't delay me if I am not.

I wish I had ketostix, but I don't and I was really lucky at the beginning for the first few days I didn't have any difficulties and when glugging all the water I didn't feel hungry even then so theres no signs for me to look for to know.

weighed myself today and was the same as yesterday so no clues there lol.

ok, so I've given in over the water flavours... I just can't keep it up without them!

I am alternating a cup of plain water with a cup of flavoured, and I'm getting through it so much easier, Its 1625 and I'm pretty much down to a litre left!

I'm still going to stay away from the savoury drinks and the bars though until I know.....

made it through another day!

I think I may keep up his thread until the end as its a bit of a deterrent checking in on myself lol.

Have about half a litre of water left, then I am going to bed early again, its 2000 just now, and I guess I'll be off to bed in half an hour. Feeling really tired at the moment, I'm sure looking after Hannah is actually harder than working.

Oh well I am off tomorrow anyway as I don't work wednesdays, so thats at least not another days hols I have to use (usually take unpaid leave when Hannah is ill, but need the money now...re tax bill) hopefully back to normal on thursday.

Well another day started!

My scales showed a tiny loss this morning to hopefully ketosis is back! Not enough of a loss to get excited about and I'm still going to stay away from savoury drinks and bars for now.

In fact I may stay away from bars for a few weeks. Looking back I am feeling they maybe a bit too much like food, wondering if eating them actually makes me want to eat more?

Anyway, so far so good today, I've had a frozen choc shake, which i spread out thinly so it looked huge, and took a while to eat, and I've had about a litre of water.

My daughter is much improved today and had a better night, but she has still been demanding but in a better way! wanting to play as opposed to just wanting to be snuggled! She is off for a nap now which is quite early for her but I suppose she is still tired after being ill. Hoping she will be ok for going to childminder tomorrow as I can't really afford the time. Don't really have spare holidays, but I'll have to use them. Used to take unpaid leave, but need the money now!

Just about to have a soup its nearly lunchtime anyway. 1150am

Had my soup! and another half litre of H2O !!

Just cut and pasted this from a thread I started on th LL forum.

I have just made a 'fat' page in my scrap book, and was wondering who else uses theirs? I know its the sort of thing that won't help everyone but I think it may help me.

I found it quite interesting doing my fat page as I have glued in my before pics and also my 12 weeks in pics, which surprised me a little. The thing is my 12 week pics aren't 'after' pics to me, they are 34 pounds down, but 29 pounds still away from my target, so to me they are still fat. On the journey down yes they are but still fat lol. Everyone I show them to can see a big difference but I just see fat. I did hope I sould see it better in the pictures but I don't, hopefully my final pictures in a month or 2 will show a different me! I have lost almost another stone since my 12 week picture as well so I probably look different again already but I can't really see that either lmao!

I am going to do a 'slim' page too, something to aspire too, but I'm struggling a little to think what to put in. I have 2 small pics of the haircut I am going to get once I've lost a bit more, my other thoughts is just to take pics from catalogues of clothes I may like, but thats tricky as I'm not entirely sure what I want....

Hey ho, its been an interesting hour or so for me anyway, whilst my 2 year old is napping!

well its 1420, I've drunk 2 litres, had 2 packs. So going great today so far!

Just about to get ready and nip out for a few bits and pieces from the shops. All for Hannah of course!

Shopping is always a tad dangerous its easy to buy a little snack pack of ham, knowing it probably won't take me out of ketosis, but I'm not going to do it!

I have a list and I'm sticking to it religeously! I need to start using a proper budget anyway.

I have been rubbish over the years at looking after my weight and rubbish at looking after our money, well no more!!

Mags (feeling quite mutinous today!!)
Well another day nearly over! Hannah in bed early in the hope she will wake up happy and go to the childminder so I can go to work!

Its 1845, I have just had my last food pack and have around half a litre of water left to drink.

I have a pair of trousers I need to take a hem up on (need to do it now, because optimistically in a month or so they'll be too big...) Then I need to do some tidying up, then I need to get Hannahs lunch made for tomorrow, and my bottles of water and flask all sitting ready for myself tomorrow.... I'll be too busy for the next couple of hours to think about food and then it will be time for bed.

Feeling quite lively, wonder if its ketosis? Can't remember if I was suddenly lively last time or not lol.

Oh well one way or another tomorrow night will be a clean slate, wether I have lost/gained or maintained my LLC will be telling me the news tomorrow night at about 6pm (so think about me then and send slim vibes lol) Regardless of what the scales say tomorrow night this time next week I will be lighter.

No more faffing about for me, the waiting is over! Its going to be downhill all the way till I'm done!

I must remember to re-read this whole thread next time I think about eating!

I won't be in during the day tomorrow, but will post an update at night before bed....

Best of luck for the WI later today!! :)
Thanks Anna,

well tonight I have lost 0.3kg which is less than half a pound, but I am happy enough with that given the week. At least I didn't gain anything!

Also I used a test stick at the class (well in the loo at the class.....) and I am in ketosis so thats great now I know I can have savoury drinks! I haven't taken bars this week, I am going to just use the soups and shakes.

Oh and my childminder has noticed I am losing weight! Was so pleased she noticed! Its taken ages as she only sees me in my work clothes which aren't exactly flattering so I don't hold it against her for taking so long to see. Also she sees me every mon,tues,thurs and friday, so she never had a few weeks away from me to notice a difference either!

Oh well, clean slate for me now I really need to have a good week this week. The last few weeks have been slow because I took a few days off after the 100 days and gained a pound, then lost 3, then basically stayed the same this week, so in 3 weeks I have basically only lost 3 pounds. Need to boost that figure now! Only 20 pounds to go (or 6 to my mini target) well slightly less actually remember I lost 0.3 kg tonight lmao!!

Thanks for your support everybody!