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Trying to recover my bad morning

I had my first weigh-in since joining yesterday and have lost 3.5lbs. I am pleased but it does make me realise how far I've got to go (I'm now 16st 9). On past diets I've always lost a lot during the first week (5lb+). I now feel a little deflated and to top it off when we got home from weigh in with my toddler and baby I set up the garden with loads of toys and we were all playing happily. My toddler took out a pole from the wendy house and started blowing it like a trumpet. I went to get it off him and he ran away and tripped. The pole went through the roof of his mouth. I took him down to A&E and was told that because of where it was they couldn't stitch the wound. 2 hours later we got home and since then I haven't exactly gorged myself but I'm not completely on plan. I was up half the night with him and feel like a zombie today. As a result I haven't prepared for today.
I started off well with weetabix, skimmed milk and banana but at midday morning had a nutrigrain bar and glass of orange juice because I was flagging. The kids are napping now and I've managed 20 minutes myself but haven't eaten lunch. Can someone give me a boot to get myself into action please?
It's been a real struggle to do any housework today although I have because I'll get complaints! Am planning syn free burgers and chips this evening but haven't even started preparing those yet and the kids will be up soon.
Urggh! Sorry for the winge. Going to eat, drink and sort some dinner out for later.

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I will be a yummy mummy!
Hi Laura,
Firstly 3.5lbs is fantastic - don't beat yourself up.

And secondly I think a nutrigrain and OJ is perfectly acceptable considering what you went through yesterday. And it's also perfectly acceptable for you not to do any housework - who's going to complain? You're the one who stayed up all night with him!!

Best thing I think (if you have chance) is to have a bit of me-time - sit in the sunshine with a book and a cuppa or have a soak in the bath, tea can wait...

Hope your son heals up ok and good luck for the rest of the week
Oh my god, your poor child bless his heart! :( I really don't blame you for feeling down because of him poor poor soul :(

3.5lb off is fantastic! I only lost 2.5lb in my first week now look at me - think of it this way, you are chipping away each week, you shouldn't think of weekly losses but monthly losses

Try find out the syns of the orange juice and nutrigrain bar and if its over 15 syns deduct some syns from tomorrow :) that's what I do :D it sure works for me!

good luck angel hope your little boy's mouth heals :(
Eeeekk thats awful!!! I really hope your little man is on the mend soon bless him!! No wonder you feel this way you've had a massive shock. You havent blown it at all, as Angelbecki27 says just try and count up the syns and go from there. You havent gone off plan if your counting the syns coz your still in control that way. Your only off plan if you think sod the syns and stop counting.

Get some you time my lovely xx

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