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Well I'm doing TS and to be honest this is really tough and it's going to get tougher in the next few days. I just can't put up with this even on WS i had a meal and still felt hungry. It's just not the diet for me. There's also the risk of hairloss and even in ketosis you can still feel hungry. I feel so miseable that I can feel my depression coming back. It's quick weight loss but I'm joining SW next week and taking the scenic route. I feel disappointed and a failure but it's not worth risking my health over.
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youre not a failure at all. Youre not giving up youre moving to a diet more suited to you. I agree, I dont think TS is for everyone. well done on recognising it and carrying on with youre weight loss, you seem determined. Good luck with youre weight loss journey x


I will do this...
There are many diets out there. Some work for some people, some don't. Just brush it off and start SW. x
Good luck with whatever you choose to do x
Well done for making the decision that is right for you., Recognising that it's not good for your personal circumstances is a strength not a failure, good luck on SW.


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Good luck on SW


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It's important to work out what's best for you. I don't think there's any point in following a diet if it's going to make you feel miserable - it's meant to be a good thing to help you achieve a goal!
Good luck with SW :)
Well I thought today I couldn't stick this out and join SW. But I haven't given this diet a real chance. I mean everybody feels awful until ketosis sets in. And it is early days so I'm gonna give this my best shot and carry on. Once I'm in ketosis I might feel a whole lot better. I just don't want to give in at the first hurdle. And give it a good go before I make a proper decision. Sorry to be a pain and changing my mind I just thought I would post this as I don't want to lose the great support on here. Sorry for this boring post. Just gonna stick with a few more days. I feel embarrassed now but I just wanted to be honest. As I find it great support on here. Hope I can stick with it. Thanks for reading x


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Hey - we all have the right to change our minds!!

Good luck with sticking to it

Remember - no matter how many times you have a change of heart, there will ALWAYS be someone here to support and encourage you



really trying again!
So how are you getting on Lisy?