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Hi Guys
just been and got weighed, and have got the kick up the a--e that I have needed for the last couple of weeks and gained 1LB
I have been nibbling on the worst thing possible BREAD my old eating habits have come back to haunt me to the point that I have made a decision to seek counselling to help me understand why I comfort eat just waiting for an appt.
Any way I know its only 1lb and I am going to get to grips again.

All the best for those who get weighed today.

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Good luck with councelling Sharron!!! & good luck with getting back on track this week!!! hope you have a big loss next week....Caz xx

Sweet Cheeks

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:hug99:Aww never mind hun at least u know what the problem is thats an achievement in itself to admit it, i thought i was going to be like that constantly picking at things as ive always done that on the many other diets i have done

Maybe there is an underlying problem from your younger years and thats why the :psiholog: may be a big help for you

Keep us posted hun and let us know how u get on xx GOOD LUCK xx
Ahh bread is my nemisis too.. I miss toast =/
Making the kids lunches for school I actually found myself sniffing the food yesterday lol .. But I managed to resist =D
Ive always been the same tho.. I pick at the worst times.. Im hoping that in weeks to come they dont come back.
Good Luck hun


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Aww Sharron, it could have been worse... you could have had a big binge and put POUNDS on, but you didn't , so well done to you. The counselling is a brill idea, good luck Hun. xxxx :happy096:


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good luck hun, i know exactly how you feel about being stupid the last few weeks. i'm back on track now *fingers crossed*. not looking forward to WI on friday! lol xx


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S: 18st0lb C: 15st4lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 39.1 Loss: 2st10lb(15.08%)
cheers guys for your comments
vicki well done for getting back on the wagon, im back to 1 day at a time and refocusing on the big picture

keep strong guys together we can do this

xx Sharron


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best of luck!;)


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well doen on being brave enough to post your weigh in results babes. You're a brave woman -well done and good luck. :D


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Sorry about your little slip-up it's not the end of the world - we are only human after all !! Back on the wagon for a great loss next week. :D:D

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Well you realise the problem and your dealing with it!
That's fantastic! Previously i didn't recognise the signs of going off track til i'd put on about 3 stone!!! It took a year to do it, near on a lb a week!! How i didn't notice astounds me!
I know people might think a lb isn't much but if, like me, you know you're the type of person for who that could snowball then i applaud your vigilance! I wish i'd nipped it in the bud the last time!!!!
Good luck and well done xxxxxxxx