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Morning all - not gone to bed cos still prepping for work today. I'm knackered and just about to give up. If its not done, its not done.

Had to miss my class on Monday night cos i was trapped under 3 lever arch files that had to be read and inwardly digested for court this morning. Whoever thinks being in the legal profession is glamorous - IT IS NOT!!!!:(

I'm in sunny Hull for the next 3 days!!! Lucky, lucky me!!:rolleyes: (No offence meant to those who live in Hull)

Have a good day everyone;)
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Hang in there, remember sleep is coming and stay focused. I'm a teacher and your court prep sounds similar to my marking!



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Good morning all

Damn I am up early - sitting here with a cuppa tea and my cran/rasp berry reading threads. Was thinking it would be me starting the daily thread today, but Lemma beat me to it.

It's a nice sunny day today on two fronts, firstly well the sun is out, but secondly I have a day off work. Am leaving in a few minutes to pick up my old neighbour, and then a nice drive into London to spend the day at the Chelsea Flower Show - we were going to get the train in, but had second thoughts - we both know it'll be a bugger taking back all our purchases on the train!! I need a thorny plant to stop Leo (my mouthy cat) from using a spare plot of border as his toilet - I don't mind the fact that he needs to go, but when it's next to my front door I do begrudge it slightly - especially when he has the whole of ASDA to go crap in!

Anyways, had better neck my cuppa and get going I guess - am taking OHs car today (bigger boot) so need to move over my CDs and hands free kit.

have a good day y'all and good luck with any WIs.


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Hey All, Lemma, good luck with court, don't overdo it! Corey have a lovely time at the Chelsea Flower Show!

I am sooo tired today, infact for the last few days, well since starting RTM just under 8 weeks ago, my imsomnia has returned :(. When i was Abstinent i always used to be tired and have a good 6-7 hours sleep without waking up. Now, i only managed to get a straight 2 hours min sleep and then wake up in-between.

I have never ever taken sleeping tablets as i try to avoid things like that! I exercise as well, but still nothing has helped! Oh well can't have everything in life. I have suffered with imsomnia for approx 12 years now! Prior to that i used to get min 10 hours sleep and used to love every min of it!

Hope u all have a lovely day andw ell done to the losers from yesterday's WI and good luck to all who have got their WI's today! :)

I would find it very hard not to be able to sleep. Nobody wants to use sleeping tablets but there are sleep clinics where the origin of your insomnia can be determined. There are cures out there that don't depend on pharmacology. Whole sections of universities are now looking into sleep deprivation. Go to your G.P. and get some information


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Good luck witht the court work.

It sounds like everyone is need of more sleep today. I have another day at work today. It is really sad but I am very glad that today is my weigh in day. On Friday I am off to visit my family and am really hoping for a good weight loss before I go. I have seven pounds to go to the overweight BMI….I can’t quite believe it!
Morning, I had a call this morning to offer me the job I interviewed for yesterday so I am in for a busy 6 weeks or so.

In between getting ready to start work, I have to find childcare, find a new house because we'll be moving 2 weeks after I start and go on holiday - all whilst remaining abstinent. :D

Hope everyone else is good and all losses are big ones.


I'm going to be slim
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Mike thanks for the link I really must get some speakers on pc here at work could do a funny whilst here
Hope your all having a good day good luck to all who have wi's today


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Well I'm another one who's been more tired than usual today too - funnily enough I didn't hear my alarm go off this morning but woke up 5 minutes later with the clock in bed with me in my hand ?????

Finished work a bit early today so that feels good - pity it's not a bit warmer or I'd be out in the garden enjoying the sunshine :)


longs to be average!
S: 18st11lb C: 18st3lb G: 12st9lb Loss: 0st8lb(3.04%)

Have to say Chelsea Flower Show was a total waste of money - cost £46 for the ticket, going on Members day seemed ideal, they limit the numbers so thought there wouldn't be much in the way of crowds - couldn't see any show gardens are people were standing 5 deep trying to view them - I don't do crowds! The stalls were limited, and there was no plants for sale!!! Waste of a day! I still managed to spend a about £120 on bits and bobs for the garden, and then spent £40 in a garden centre on the way home!! Oh well - will have to look forward to the RHS show at Hampton Court Palace in July - I could bankrupt a small country at that show!

How did court go Leema? Did you give 'em life without parole?


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Never mind Corey - I know somebody else that went today and another LL person I know is going tomorrow (Lucky them eh?)


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S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
:( Bad news about your day Corey --- I agree, crowds aren't fun in places like that.


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Urghh poor Corey- I hate crowds...probably cause Im only 5ft....
I had a really tough day today - constantly craving a tuna sandwich on fresh brown bread!!!! Of all the things to crave...?

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