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Tuesday Hour X Hour

Morning! Not as brutal out this morning as it was yesterdat, but still not what I would call a summer day!! :D

I am feeling good today. The last few days, as some know I have been a bit bored. The little voices in my head were saying "maybe you should use some curry powder, or garahm masala to change the flavour of the soups. Or you could use the other hot saud, not Tabasco for a change, etc."

While I wouldn;t call those things a lapse necisarily, I thought "oh oh - must kill those voices!!!" So I just binned those items - poured them down the sink. :D That might be a cheat, but now at least they are not here to teompt me. I do not want anything leading me astray. No sir!! lol Felt good doing it though. I worried one bit of curry powder could leat to another bit of something, so I just removed the temptation.

Onward, and refocused!

Next thing I must do, MUST do, is start getting some exercise and incorporating that into my life. WHich will be a real struggle. I hate it. :D

How long till you love it??? :D

Ever? :rotflmao: :D

Anyway - feeling good today, and I hope everyone else is too.

Have a good one!


(Glad you like your new job Corey!! :))
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Glad you are feeling yourself again today. I am battling too but battling because my scale is just not budging its stuck I think :mad:.

I want to get there so badly now. also I have been dizzy and headachey and that is not helping me.

I want to finish at the end of the month but at this rate I will never get there.

As for the exercise, well all I can say is you told you mind you did not need food for months and months I am sure you can tell it to love exercise. I start getting jumpy now when I have not walked for two days, like today I am used to almost 2 hours of activity and with the weather being grim I have not walked so am feeling like I am jumping out of my skin.

Start small maybe just walk around the block but do it every single day then push yourself further after a week.
As the Nike advert says "Just do it"

Feeling grrrr this morning!!!!
I did have two shakes this week with milk, my calcium levels are low, maybe that is why I am not loosing. I am paranoid about my bones.

Thanks Tange.

I thought the same thing - just try and do 30 minutes of walking a day. See where that leads me. (Hopefully back home!! hehehe)

I saw my doc this morning for my neck, but asked him to do my Blood Pressure as I have been feeling dizzy a lot. It was low - 100/50 (or 70?) Can't remember and form is in the car - but he did say it was low. So I am going to do a milk week. At least one shake a day - just to put a little somethin somethin back in my bod.

Then its eye on the prize, and powering through to the end.

I do think I will reevaluate my goal. Both KD and Icemoose brought up some good points about that. And maybe aiming for my once smalled weight (as an adult) is not too realistic. So, I may make my goal 11 stone rather then 10. I do have a fairly large frame, so that might be more realistic. We'll see as we get closer. But I am still committed, as you, and also, just as you, a bit fed up. Or was. Today I am much more positive! :D

Thanks hon! We can do this!!!! :)



I'm going to be slim
Morning all
Pleased to see you better today BL I wish I could shut the chatterbox up that is in my head
I walk about an hour every evening with the dog & use the wii fit for about 30 mins a day I also do heavy work so that is enough for me I tried a gym once never again I hated it
I have noticed the drop in blood pressure seems to happen to a lot when towards the last stone or two I wonder why that is
You'll get there Tange it's still a few weeks
Hope all you losers out there have a great day
Hello everyone. :)

Well, I didn;t go out and walk, but, I did jump on the floor and did some sit ups/crunches. Was doing pretty good early in the diet doing them daily. Should really get a habit started. I will walk tomorow if the weather is a bit nicer. It doesn;t have to be perfect but it is blowing a gale out here, and I HATE the wind. :)

Hope you are having a nice day/evening everyone. :)


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BL you would have had a giggle watching me walk from work tonight. I had a bag with me (bought new trousers from New Look) the wind was blowing it back it was like dragging a parachute heehee


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Hey everyone,

Another day done - and am still loving my job, it's so much fun. They are letting me look at some case files tomorrow, can't wait for that, and will also be sitting in on some interviews. Can't wait to get into work tomorrow. This is such a weird feeling, I havn't looked forward to going into work for years, not since I began teaching. It's such a good feeling to have and gives me something constructive to concentrate on rather than the destructive thoughts centered around food.

Anyways, enough of me wittering on.
hi corey,

just thought id say hi as we r from the same area, im just by lakeside so not far from u. and to say well done on your weight loss, thats fantastic!! not far now ay, u must be so proud of yourself! x


longs to be average!
Hi Sarah-Louise.

I really need to update my ticker - it really is out of date. I am now week 11 Route to Management, but am struggling to stabilise my weight and are having weight gains pretty much each week. Still having just joined a really good gym next door to were I work, I am hoping that'll change as I plan on going swimming every lunchtime, and visit the gym twice a week after work. Perhaps doing a bit more on the exercise front will help stabilise my weight, and hopefully, support the stone I have still to lose. But yes, I am pleased with the results, having lost over 4 stone is good going, and having tried loads of other diets, and having had no results (other than gains) am pleased I have found a diet that works.

You're doing well yourself - losing a third of your planned weight in less than 5 weeks is fantastic. Well done you.
aw thank u! i didnt look at it like that lol sounds quite impressive wen u say it like that, humm a third of my goal! sounds great :)

its all swings and roundabouts, a little gain wont hurt, uv done so well! and im sure ul be working hard to get it back down. im starting my swimming back up, i used to go 3 times a week but due to work i slacked off about 4 mths ago. iv missed it so i think now is a good time to get back to it and hopefully it will help tone me up! x


longs to be average!
It certainly will help. It had better help me!! I guess I am lucky working next to a gym with a pool, I can spend my lunch hours in the pool rather than in the shops - that'll save me a small fortune I am sure
not like me working at lakeside! i can spend a fortune at that place, being good lately tho and saving myself for a hefty spending spree wen im fixed :) i have a 12 yr old son so iv told him il take him swimmimg tmrw as hez a very good swimmer and we motivate each other, normally il do 40 lengths and he does a good 20-25 which i think is fantastic for him! tho iv got an awful headache at the moment so i hope it goes by morning, iv had it since tuesday! i see there your heading to orlando, how long u going for? how exciting! my insentive is a boob job in october lol x


longs to be average!
We're going for 15 days - can't wait - have visited most of the East Coast of America (having lived in New York for a couple of years), but Orlando is one place I have never been too, and vowed I would do before I hit 40 (only a couple of years away from that now) so should be a very good couple of weeks.

I wouldn't say no to a boob job (suck out the rest of my fat), have a pec implant, tummy tuck, lipo on the thighs and bum. Face lift and a bit of botox. Knowing my luck, I'd probably come out looking like frankensteins monster!

iv not travelled much at all and the furthest away i lived was hertfordshire lol even then i came back home after 2 years! i always vowed to go to paris as thats one place id love to see, still waiting but hopefully not for long.

u dont look like u need any of that shopping list u just mentioned! u look great! x
ha ha! now that i would like to see lol x

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