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***tuesday***hr by hr***

I had such a bad night last night, my son woke up at 1am he had a nightmare then at 2am his nappy had leaked so i washed and changed him and his bed, at 3am he woke again screaming so hubby went into him, at 4am he was awake again so hubby went and slepted in his bed with him, had to get up at 7am, so not much sleep.

I feel very dizzy this morning not sure if I feel sick too or not, so Ive just made my self a shake to see if it cos ive been awake a lot?? Will maybe have to have 4 shakes today??

Im at the hopital today for my scan so hope I feel a bit better by this afternoon or I might have to get hubby to drive me.

Hope you all have a great day and good luck to all who have WIs today.xx
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oh honey. i really hope you get to feeling better soon. have four shakes if you need to. it's ss+ and perfectly allowed :) i had an ss+ night last night :)

i weighed in last night and lost 3.25lbs this week. i'm rather happy with that and hope i can lose the same this week, even though my mum is coming to visit. they are going to want to eat out etc and i just can't do it. i really really want to get to the weight to become a cdc now. i can almost taste it. one and a half stone to go i think it is... plus. i want to be a size 16 by christmas :)

unfortunately it does mean i'm going to have to get some food in for mum and her fella as we don't really have anything, ha. OH eats lots of sandwiches and i can't feed them on sandwiches... so i'll have to think of something...

abz xx
plenty of chicken and green veg, at least you will be able to have some.xx


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yeah. i might just get some chicken breasts in and some salad. and some eggs. my mum has a thing for omelettes at the moment :)

i think they want to get takeaway on bonfire night. so that's one less night to worry about. we're in york until 8 on thursday so they will probably eat there which only leaves friday and friday evening to fret about really :)

abz xx


Trying to stay healthy!
Morning All, Hope you feel better soon Susan!

Good luck with your visitors Abz, hope all goes well!

Back from the school run now, half a litre down, 2 coffee and half a hot banana shake done! Nervous bout my weigh-in tonight fingers crossed for something more than a sts as the weekend was hard work getting back to SS after my 1 day off on Friday.

Have a great day everyone!



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morning every1 im restarting yet again :( ive felt terrible this last week and im now thinkin its because of the painkillers the doc has given me 4 my arm.i have felt so down and tired and havent been dressed for 4 days.so ive decided 2day that im just gonna have 2 grin and bear it and just take paracetamol in the daytime.so im just gonna have a porridge and hope for a good day ... good luck susan for your scan and fingers crossed lelly for your wi xx


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Susan I feel exactly like you do today. I felt really unbalanced and woozy yesterday, went to work this morn, was nearly crying on the phone and the room started spinning so I came home. Went round Docs on way and have got appt tomorrow :(.

anyway, I have had porridge, two pints of water, two cups of tea and will have a shake for lunch, however I do fancy eating proper food today so might go and get some chicken later.
hope you both feel better soon.

im feeling a bit better i think, its just if i stand up then i go dizzy again, good excuse to veg on the sofa today, hubby is coming home from work to drive me to the scan , i really dont think it would be safe for me to drive.xx
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hey there, had porridge and coffee and just started the water. Had a great time away :blahblah::blahblah:! and managed to stick to SS+ which I am really pleased with.

Got back late and had a lot of catching up to do so it was nearly 2.30am before I went to bed! Didn't know whether to post on the Monday thread, thought no one was going to read it, or start Tuesday's thread!

Hope every1 is feeling better soon and that we get through today. Early nights all round!

Well done on the gr8 weight loss Abz.


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well guys. finally got to eat my porridge, although it was a little cold and lumpy as someone had a crisis with their machine just as i sat down to eat it. ha. but it was still lovely. was even stodgy after sitting there for a bit, so i feel really full, ha.

getting close to 1.5litres down. really want to keep on top of my water this week :)

abz xx


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Sorry to hear about those who are feeling poorly, i think it's a good idea to SS+ or AAM if one is feeling like that - hope you all get well soon x

I have had 1 litre and a hot choc shake so far, just gonna make a coffee, finding this a real struggle with being soooo cold, it is actually ridiculous how cold I am !!!

Good luck with your WI Lelly :)

Think it's a good idea to get some food in you can have Abz, you are doing sooo well :)

Have a lovely day losers,

Sarah x
Morning all, i have a hellish week this week and wont be around till friday after i have posted this, hubby has a op thurs the same day i have t take the kids for their jabs, and tomorrow i have a appointment with the peadiatrican for stephen so busy busy busy!

Have just nearly finished my second pint and already had my porridge, was really hungry!
Afternoon everyone!

I am only 1 and a half litres of water down today. Normally I have had double that by now but for some reason I am struggling with it today!!

Had a shake this morning and just had my choc tetra for lunch. I am really looking forward to my warm porridge at 6pm when I get in from work tonight. I'm still not sure whether I like the taste of it or not, but it's nice to eat something warm out of a bowl (I hate all the soups you see...)

LellyCD - I wish you the best of luck for your weigh in tonight. Have you been doing the 810 plan this week?? Your losses have been amazing so far so I am sure tonight won't be an exception!!

Hope everyone is having a good day.


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howdy guys. well i'm glugging like a mad thing. am on litre three at the moment and i have four more hours of work, ha. i started early this morning :)

am thinking bar thoughts now. might eat half now, then half a bar later. am going to have a hot choc tetra later too, as i can split that in two :)

abz xx
S: 15st3lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31 Loss: 2st10lb(17.84%)
I am really looking forward to my warm porridge at 6pm when I get in from work tonight. I'm still not sure whether I like the taste of it or not, but it's nice to eat something warm out of a bowl (I hate all the soups you see...)


I hate the soups too. Hot shakes have been my saviour this cold weather. On the porridge front, try adding a spoonful of Chocolate shake when you are mixing it up. It really does improve the flavour.
S: 15st3lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31 Loss: 2st10lb(17.84%)
Weigh in tomorrow. Always find it hard to concentrate on work on a Tuesday once the count down to the scales starts like this! Also looking forward to getting more chocolate and banana tetras to have hot next week.

Having a hot Chocolate Mint shake for lunch. Hope every1 is managing to keep warm and on the straight and narrow.


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i am frozen!! ha. and i am counting the days until my next weigh in and mine was only last night. and it's a quick and painless (hopefully) one next week as it's just a top up weigh :)

abz xx

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