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TUESDAY "Lets do it hour by hour"

I've just been and done 40 lengths and am on my second litre of water. going to Step aerobics after the school run, then I'll collapse in a heap for a bit! Working the late shift today too :(
SOunds good!!! I am liking the forecast, and well don you too Miss for your swimming and class!

I'm on lates today too - but our lates aren;t very late. 10-6...lol SO not too much to suffer:)

Hope everyone has a good day!!! May not get on again as its been murder at work but will try!!

I love today's forecast that has really lifted me. Although I am feeling really good.

Corr listening to your exercise Miss was making me tired just reading it, well done. I have done an hours mucking out this morning with DD. Things are OK but she knows we are having the big conflab tomorrow. I have decided that I am going to write a contract and get her to sign it.

I cant believe how calm I am about it all, think its because for once I know what I want from our relationship and from now on I am going to stick out for it. So many times we have discussed how things could be improved and then they just slip back and we are back to square one and I don't seem notice cause I probably turned to food. Not doing that now.

Have my WI tonight and if I have only put on 1lb I will be really happy. I am not being negative, but cause of the week I had I am just really glad I didnt blow it all. I am now 100% back on track, and hoping to lose 2lbs by Friday (the wedding) and feel really confident about that.

It just goes to prove that even if you are not an angel, it can be done if you are really determined to do it, and I know I couldn't of dont it without you all. You saved my life yesterday and (I will tell you now) some of your lovely comments had me in tears.

Although I am not condoning my behaviour, (I actually dreamt last night that my LLC gave me a really good bxllxcking at the meeting which has worried me slightly so might ring her before hand to warn her.

Well moving on done 1 litre. Oh and by the way I made a Tai Chilli pompadom last night (on a plate - so no paper this time) and it was quite passable for the first time ever. So here's to a few more and when I have conquered them might try the crisps again as still not mastered them.

Have a great day everyone:)
Reputations Comments? - help

Right I am gonna master this today. I know how to give them and I how to receive them, but for the life of me I cannot find where you see the actually comments.

I know it is under User CP, but where?

Any lovely computer bods out there can help this ageing computer illiterate old girl.
Im doing ok havnt drank any water yet or had any packs as im still in bed :D hehe.
Am in uni most of the day then my friends are having a pancake party so I have offered to cook the pancakes- rather than eat them!
Have a fab dayyyyy xxxxxx
Lady go to user cp

at the bottom you see reputions bar and how many points you have click on the arrow......... should show you
Thank you Mandy, I never scrolled down that far before:sign0007:
Well just walked into town with another bags of large goodies for the Charity shop. Besides the walk I kept holding that bag a few inches up so was excercising my biceps. Clever aint I.:D

I think BL is on her lunch hour and having a funny moment.:D:D:D:D
Yep it was a funny moment me thinks!

Well as it got to lunch time I thought I'd had enough of work so I stayed there till 2pm and took the other couple of hours off flexi ---- and it's lovely to be home :D

Forecast for the afternoon is much the same as this morning, plenty of water going down and the dieting world is heating up with positivity, good vibes and general well being --- it's all set to be a perfect evening :)

Had 3 litres so far today and am about to pour myself my next .5 litre.
Ohhhhh aaah the forecast is really good again
now on 2 1.2 litres. Will stop after this till WI as i need all the help I can get.:cool:

Had a Tai chilli soup. Hope everyone is having a good day.
It keeps telling me that i have new reputation comments.
im so confused :(
It means that people have marked some of your posts as being really good. If you click to where it tells you that you've got reputation comments and then scroll down to the bottom of the page it will show you some post titles, perhaps with some comments after them - when you click on the post title it will show you which of your particular posts are being commented on.

You must have a few comments as you've got Rep Power of 4.

To add to peoples rep and give comments click the thing that looks like a piece of cauliflower (though I believe it's scales) under the details (below the avatar) of the person who's post you thought was good, helpful, inspiring etc.
Kellie=];483722 said:
It keeps telling me that i have new reputation comments.
im so confused :(

Mean you are a girl with a bad repudtation!! - my mother warned me about girls like you!! :eek:


Not reall!! :D

It's what Katie said! :)

LOL you're still in your extended mad half hour ain't you BL :D

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