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Tuesday**lets do it hour by hour**


Mummy of 2!

well its my very first day! so far had a black tea and 1x 500ml bottle of water and a vanilla shake. it was much nicer than i thought it would be:D

normally i wouldnt eat until late morning when the Eve goes for her nap, but i couldnt wait to try a shake:eek:


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Hi Amyeve, what a beautiful baby :)

Welcome aboard, i love the shakes too, my fav is choc mint :)

Hope you have a great 1st day xx


Addicted to Minimins!
Morning all! Well i've already been for a two mile walk this morning - (walked the kids to school but took the long way back) & am up for a 100% day! Haven't had a shake yet as i find it easier if i start them later (evenings are usually quite difficult for me) but am glugging the water!
AmyEve - Good luck on your first day hun. Make sure you keep drinking the water as it will cut down on any side effects (headaches etc) that you may suffer. :hug99:
Hope everyone has a good one!
Morning, well after a really hard night last night, I woke up feeling much better.

One pint water, 2 black coffees and a peanut crunch bar done so far.

Heres to a good day.
Well, I am now at home having come down with a kidney infection and feeling very sad for myself. I have bad kidneys anyway so its nothing i havent had before but its not nice :-(.
To make matters worse, just had the cappachino shake and its minging!! Weigh in tonight and will go even if my friend has to carry me and prop me up on the scales!
Good luck to everyone else today x
Aren't they! Feel fluey, headachey, shivery, cold...oh hang on thats just being on CD!...and my kidneys are giving me waves of pain every now and again. Bugger bloomin PCKD :-(


Addicted to Minimins!
Oh bless ya Sleepybird. Hope you feel better soon hun. :hug99: I quite like the cappucino ones - i didn't to start with but then tried making it in a blender with some crushed ice and now i love it! :D
Good luck with the WI.
ive decided to gatecrash again.
im 2 glasses of water, 1 tea and a peanut crunch bar down. that was the first bar ive tried, and it was bloody vile! i only bought 2 today, just for a little try as i'm going to be extra strict this week with zero chicken and make myself have all my water and sachets. i got loads of vanilla today too so i can have my vanilla coffees...YUM

hope you're all feeling good

I'm having a good day so far-had 1 litre water,2 teas(I don't drink coffee) and a choc mint shake.My hands are getting so dry..it's horrid.


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Hiya... I'm in. Had my porridge and a choc shake for lunch... a few herb teas but must keep up the water intake, not so good at that as I used to be! Am v. jealous of the mentions of peanut bars... my fave... I have run out of bars till tomorrow afternoon's weigh-in, as CDC was on hols. Didn't stock up quite enough! Anyway, after a mad busy morning I am home-based all afternoon, so this thread will hopefully keep me away from the fridge!

Had 3 pints of water a 2 cuppas! Tetra and a bar!

going strong, 100% day 3:D in the pink yaahhooo

Sleepybird, I sent you a message! but sent it to TT first doh good luck with tonight
Having my first half of vegetable soup now.They're a bit watery that way but I still prefer to split them :)And have drunk another 500 mls of water.
i've drunk 1.5litres so far..

had a toffee & walnut shake for lunch - really yum!!

just going to have another tea now as im starting to feel hungry and it might distract me:(


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Hi folks, I hope we're all going strong :0)

Had a frozen chocolate tetra today, my word it was nice ...v scrummy :)

How is everyone??


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Hanging on by a thread... this thread! I'm going to have a hot choc shake... need something sweet!
I baked a cake earlier and omg it's taken all the willpower I have not to try it!Some of the cake mixture got on my hand but I didn't eat it.


Stubborn tortoise
Well done Rose! I resisted the hot choc too... it'd have been an 'extra' shake but was craving something sweet so bad... anyway, almost there and didn't cave in! Some days are just harder than others!

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