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Tuesday Weigh In


loves food and cooking
Hiya. Wow that is alot of super foods. Good luck. I see you have met your target weight already or is your profile details on the left incorrect?


loves food and cooking
No - I have stayed in my target range as per my ticker ... (scrolls up to check details) for the last 2 months, 1 week and 4 days lol!

However, Target is a range of 3lb above or below the weight you called target on, and I am currently 2.5lb above - so I want to get down, back in to the middle of my target zone if that makes sense!
I *was* hopinh for a loss but I have sloped off with my food diary and I had a bottle of wine last night! :cry:naughty I know but the weather was so nice etc... I know it's not an excuse! We will see tonight, if I gain or STS I won't be annoyed :)

Good luck all other Tuesday weighers. :clap:

Angie - I might join in with the speed food challenge this week x
Weighed in and had 2lb gain. I am normally a steady 1lb off per week girl and only put on twice in a year (after christmas and summer holiday).

I am not even shocked- I had a LOT of syns on Friday and Saturday. I was almost a 'controlled' binge in that I went out to Tescos with the specific intention of buying food I normally don't buy and label 'off-limits' in my head. My husband was out so I sat and ate most of it, and the rest on Saturday.

The strange thing is, I didn't feel out of control. It was like I just had to get it out of my system. I thought before I even bought the stuff that I would forfeit a loss this week, and probably gain, and that gain would go within a few weeks. I didn't at any point think I was giving up on SW or healthy eating- I just did it and didn't feel guilty.

I know all this sounds 'bad' but I actually feel really positive about it- I was in control, I accepted the consequences, I was rational and I never thought of giving up

All in all- I am quite chuffed. LOL


loves food and cooking
Sarah - it will be great to have you join the challenge for next week - lets hope tonighht is good for you anyway :D

Cocktail Princess - :clap: you should feel really proud of yourself, the in control feeling/no guilt is great isn't it!? It went on, it will come off - have a great week :D
I know what you mean cocktail princess, I've done that before. It's as if your body is craving something and once you've eaten it, it's gone. Good luck for this week.

Wow angie, you should have a super loss with all those speed foods!

Good luck sarahandmolly!


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I expect a significant gain this week!! Had a binge on sweets, then a good couple of days and then a bad couple of days. Today has not started well, I have eated cold sausages out of the fridge (NOT SW type ones either!) and a slice of bread and butter.

This will take me above my target, I am currently one and a half pounds under it, oh well....

Tomorrow is a brand new day and a brand new week and I will eat 5 speed foods a day, I promise!!!


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Officially I've lost 1lb this week, but technically I've lost 5. I didn't get to class last week and put 4 on, so I've shifted those, plus 1. Only 1 more pound and I'll have lost 60lbs since October last year. :D

Well done to the losers, chin up to the gainers.. we'll all lose some next week :D
I put on 2lb this week:break_diet: I did have wine twice though..and rather a lot of it:copon:


loves food and cooking
Yay! Lost 1/2lb this week, bringing an inch closer to the middle of my target range. All those speed foods must have helped shift the night-most-terrible that was saturday!

Well done to the losers, and good luck to the gainers - next week will be your week :D
Been to WI and lost 1lb :bliss:


loves food and cooking
:clap: I am positively cheering! well done :D


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2lb off for me again this week which means I've now got my 2st award. :party0049::greenapple::bliss:
I am soooooo chuffed, I've treated myself to the remains of my Easter egg that I've been depriving myself of.


loves food and cooking
Well done ninja - you very much deserved that - hope you enjoyed the easter egg :D
:break_diet:Uh Oh

I put a lb on this week which when I think about it, thats actually quite good all things considering. I have had two take aways, half a bottle of bacardi, nutella on toast, chicken nuggets and all sorts of other naughties:break_diet:

I think this week, I just needed to get it out of my system and I am now so back on track and hope it will be like my first week again and I will have a huuuuge loss.


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