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tummy issues


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have been reading some threads about tummy skin, and it has been on my mind. I'm 23, and apple shaped. my belly is where i carry my weight, though its never been flabby, I've always been really solid there, cause I've a high muscle mass. but still, the fastness of this diet may make skin go a bit funny, and was just wondering if any of you think its likely I will have skin sag issues or will my age and hopefully ability to build muscles quick save me from it. Its a worry for me as since I'm young and have no children, I know if its bad enough for me want to have a tummy tuck I won't get it since they tend not to give it to people if they will have children after it.

ah i know I'm being neurotic, its just played on my mind a bit, being silly
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try using firming creams and body wraps is what i have heard on here its a worry for me too not because i have alot of muscle just that my belly is rather huge atm with flabbyness! lol and oo you have a deviant art i have one too but not updated it in ages www.darkest-tears.deviantart.com im going to have a nose at yours now xxx


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Hi, I'm 25 and had the same sort of concerns but my CDC has told me that because of my age the skin should 'shrink' back. ( she told me vehemently that I would not need a tummy tuck) Although they do say that it takes 12 months after weight loss and I'm sure some exercise would help.

I am happy enough with that answer at the moment. (its my boobies that I'm worried about :D)
very nice work :)
Try coco butter, there's one inparticular thats for helping revitalise your skin, iv used it for a few months now whilst my weight goes up and down and i really think its helped stop any stretchmarks, n seems to have gotten rid of many of my old ones. Def recommend it!. x


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thank you! you too, gothic beauty! <3

and yeah gonna use cream andall to help. just i think having fat and muscle on belly worries me cause i know muscle breaks down into flab lol last thing i need

ah well im sure it will be fine, its just one of those things that likes niggles in the back of your mind
I use Sanctuary Spa body wrap, great pamper session and really tightens your skin, I do this on a Friday night while hubby has his pizza, then rest of the week I use cocoa butter firming cream, Nivea silhoutte firming cream and another one (im obsessed), I do one in the morning one in the afternoon and the other at bedtime.
i will have to get some of these too need to start pampering myself! and i reaaaaaly dont wanna have saggy belly at 20 :( will be doing lots of situps and walking and swimming once ive gone up from ss, ill be doing a little of each before but not the swimming! cant face the cosie! lol and ty hun :D i need to get some more pics done but just cant find the time :'(


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I've worked on the principle that I didn't like how my tummy looked whilst wearing clothes and even less when looking in the nudey before I started CD. Now I'm losing weight it's still pretty icky in the nudey with a bit of loose skin etc, at least now I like it with clothes on. So huge improvement cos to be honest I wear clothes most of the time :p

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