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Tummy still Rumbly afrer two weeks...!


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I admit my stomach is probably the size of a small footie pitch after all the food that I have consumed over the years (I did like a big plateful) and I didn't think it would shrink to the size of a peanut over night but it is still really rumbling after two weeks.

I drink my full quota of water throughout the day and try not to guzzle it all at once incase I keep my tummy over full but it's pretty embaressing when it gets grumbling!

How long do you think it will take before it wears off guys? Although I am hungry most of the time, I still don't want to eat anything but it just seems to make me think of food constantly, which worries me going into week three (tomorrow) Any ideas? :confused:
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Hi there
My tummy made funny noises all the time i was in abstinence - i think its just something you will have to get used to!

i miss the empty feeling now i'm eating again and wish it was making the noises again as it meant i was losing weight!

daisy x
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I'm the same as Daisy, mine still makes noises and I'm on day 93.

I convince myself its the fat cells screaming as they are eaten up!!!!!
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I've been on it for 13 weeks and my tummy is always making noises - but it's not hunger. i like to think of it as my 'tummys eating the fat when its making noises' lol


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Hahahhaaha! love that Julie!! What a great way to think about it.

Jax, same as Daisy, mine never really stopped rumbling during abstinence - just the way it goes :) Good luck with it all though. and Julie congrats on your 93 days!!


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