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Tummy troubles with Tesco bars!!

I've been doing this diet for quite a while now and have never had any digestion problems, even with the Asda bars or the Biggest Loser bars.

However, since having the Tesco bars a few days ago (and this may be TMI!) I have literally been in the bathroom the whole day!!!!!!! :eek::eek:

It's been terrible!! So embarassing!!

Worst moment was last night, in a public loo, wearing a tight pencil skirt, tights and SPANX and so desperate to get it all off in time !!! :cry::cry: :D Oh dear...

Anyone else had this problem with the Tesco bars??
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iv found that i feel very bloated and gassy on them, but i did have 2 in one day and then 1 the next day and then 2 the day after which i know isnt recomended. im having the weekend without bars and will try 1 tesco bar a day as of monday and see how i go :) iv stocked up on a months worth so hopefully ill be ok as long as i stick to just 1 a day xx
No i dont have that problem with them, i get quite a windy botty though!
Are these low carb?

I have noticed my local tesco stopped selling low carb shakes, so may not have the low carb bars either. urghh
Are these low carb?

I have noticed my local tesco stopped selling low carb shakes, so may not have the low carb bars either. urghh
Its their ultra slim range. They are the low carb meal replacement bars they do shakes too. My Tesco sells them, if you cant see them why not ask a member of staff? xx
Can you use them while on the Exante diet? Tasha x


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Yes Tasha - you can replace the Exante bar with a Tesco Ultraslim bar if you prefer them. Still only allowed one a day :) x
Thanks spottydoris, I am just getting a bit bored of the exante bars and it is nice to break them up with different flavours!! Tasha x


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tasha the tesco ones are really tasty, I have only had the choc ones so far, and was also pleasantly suprised at the size of them... I can only manage half at a time, then I have the other half later in the day, going to try the rasberry flavour ones next I think! hope you like em :)

Thanks Lady24, I had a chocolate crisp one this morning was yummy, it was really filling and I could have had only half, but I made myself eat it as I was going food shopping for the family and and wanted to be full so I wasnt tempted when I went out!!! Let me know what you think of the raspberry flavour? They also work out a lot cheaper than Exante! Tasha x


Determined to succeed!
Just a quick update - been down to Tesco this lunchtime and the Ultraslim bars are on offer - 3 for 2 (so 9 bars for roughly £5)... I did get caught out buying 2 boxes of raspberry and 1 of choc though - need to be 3 of the same flavour. Bum! Running late so no time to grab another rasp. Bum bum bum.

Spots x
Thanks spots, I will go and stock up!!! Tasha xxx

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