tuna/prawns on 790


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Hi - over on the dark side (DH!):) A long time ago someone posted that we can have prawns and tuna on 790 plan and kindly posted the amounts - It was a CDC maybe Diva? Can anyone remind me of the amounts allowed?:)
My yellow book says you can have 260g tuna as long as it is drained in water, or 190g fresh tuna steak. Nothing re. prawns, but I'm not a CDC! Maybe work out the calories in the above, and then you can have the same prawns - would check that they are low carb etc first....

This was discussed at training the other day and it really is best to avoid prawns they have a lot of salt in them.

The tuna must be in spring water and not brine or oil.

If you havent got a copy of the updated 790 programe email me and I will send you a scanned copy.

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