Tunisia on the 10th december!


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hi all,

am in a bit of a panic really.
has anyone here been to tunisia and what is there to eat?

we are going half board on the 10th of december to celebrate my 36th birthday which is on the 13th.
luckily it will be my aam week, but i dont want to blow it, want to save the blow out for boxing day!

i will be having my second weigh in for the past month this coming sunday, then flying the following sunday coming back the sunday after that, then xmas eve the following sunday then new years eve on the sunday after that.......pheww!!

soo.. after this sunday wont be getting "weighed" with cdc until 7th of january!!!

would be grateful for any info on tunisian cuisine.... and if i will be allowed to take tetra packs on the plane... (not sure about the liquid amount you are allowed to take!) as i dont want to have to faff about with whisks and packs... i DONT WANT TO BLOW IT!

thanks in advance for any info....x

Lisee xx
Just came back 3 weeks ago!!!!

I love Tunisia, this was my second time there, however, I am not a great fan of Tunisian Cuisine, most of the hotels out there are buffet style meals.

Chicken and fish is plenty and there is usually a great salad bar too. Thats what I stuck to when I was there.

Rice and cous cous are always there, I steered clear because of the carbs.

If you get offered a brick, its a deep fried pastry, type thing, with egg in the middle, not my cup a tea lol!!!

Tetras can be carried in your suitcase no problem, I put mine in a plastic bag just incase but they got there fine, you can carry 1 tetra in your handbaggage, but it depends on how strict they are on the day, its only a 2 and a half hour flight though so you should be fine with a bar.

The hotels out there are FAB, very high standard.

If you do eat out one day and are near port el kantoui, go to the Marina, as you walk in there go to the left and to the end and up some stairs is a lovely restaurant called Mediterannea and its owned by and English woman, they do ceaser salad etc there.

I mainly stuck to the chicken as I said, but just check its cooked through, we had the odd dodgy one that was a bit raw in the middle!

What hotel and where are you staying??

Im so jealous, I have visited loads of hotels out there and loved them all.
hi, i read you diary and realised you had been! was going to ask you on there, but thought it a bit cheeky on your diary! :eek:

im staying at the marhaba royal salem in sousse, its only about 10 mins from monastir airport. didnt want to travel miles when i get there...supposed to be 5 star but we shall see..hehe

do tell me more!!!

i dont mind chicken and salad i can live with that, we are only going half board and we dont drink very often about 4 times a year, so i wont be having any of that.. although OH might!! am planning on taking a bar and tetra a day and having a light meal in the evening as its my aam week.

i have never been there before so am looking forward to it, what else is there to see and do?

thanks so much for replying!

Lisee xx
Have PMd you hun x