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Turning Points...

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
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I dont go to the classes, but it was seeing a photo of myself which made me decide i should really go on a diet. Hadn't been feeling comfortable within myself for a while, but the photo really tipped me over the edge!


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Mine was when all my "fat" clothes were tight and when I sat down my tum rested on my legs! I hated both those, and walking past shop windows and seeing the refection of my fat tum and bum!
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mine was a photo someone posted on facebook of me at a party that night i thought i looked good but then when i saw that photo i relised i didn't. then the icing on the cake was a photo of me on xmas day in my pjs i looked terriable next xmas days photos i'm gonna look amazing


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My turning point has always been photos. Because I can look back and see how skinny I was before I went to university (and I wasn't super skinny then) it makes me very upset to see photos of myself now (esp my wedding photos).

I joined SW because I felt like I'd tried every other healthy way to lose weight; calorie counting, WW, more exercise, and I was still as miserable as ever.

Now I'm nearly half a stone down without really trying (obv following the plan but it doesn't feel like dieting) and I think this could be the plan for me!


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Brilliant thread.

I joined SW because of my health. Nothing seriously bad with me but lots of little things that could escalate to bigger things.


Slow but sure....
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My health and a better quality of life was why I joined SW, and hopefully I shall become better as I lose the weight.
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I weighed myself for the first time in a couple of years!

I had convinced myself over time that I was my 'natural' weight and should just enjoy food and accept that I was a bit bigger than most people.

One day, in a moment of weakness (!) I did the thing I had avoided for so long and got on the scales.......................19 stone!!!!!!!

I cried and cried for about 10 hours solid, I was devastated that I had let myself get soooo big. I joined SW online that day, and never looked back
S: 15st11lb C: 11st6lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 4st5lb(27.6%)
Great post. Mine was photo's too and just feeling really uncomfortable. Getting out of puff getting into the car and walking the dog, having very few of my clothes fit me properly and just feeling bad about myself.

Although only a month or so into the plan I'm already feeling so much better about myself and love the support I get from all of you on here and at my local group.


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Thanks for posting this thread!
My story is kind of the same... I went to a wedding and was feeling really good when I got dressed, got there and felt like the biggest woman in the room... went to SW last week, Im halfway through my 1st week.

Hated the photos when I saw them.

Onwards and upwards!

ps Cocktail you are my inspiration, you were a very similar weight to me now and same height... congrats on your amazing loss so far xx
My turning point has been the realisation that my weight is preventing me from doing with my kids , as much as ive tried to deny the fact it really is!!


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The first time, I was away on a trip and met someone I didn't recognise at first. Then I discovered it was a former acquaintance who had lost a LOT of weight at a slimming club.

After seeing a 'before photo' they carried around with them, next to the reality, it inspired me to look at myself and them to seek out a local class.
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Mine was for a number of reasons....firstly turning 40 later on this year - I want to be in good health (and of course, to look fab!)....the second because I developped osteoarthritis and excess weight is not particularly helpful (it comes to something when you limp everywhere becuase of the pain.....).

Anyway, 5 weeks in to SW and only 3 lbs to get to 1.5 stone :)
S: 18st2lb C: 17st8.5lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 35.4 Loss: 0st7.5lb(2.95%)
I have a number of reasons as well....

When I was pregnant the different M.Ws & Docs all said info and usually threw in the words "well because of your weight...blah blah" at the time I didnt think it was so bad. I had to have the glucose test (grosse) due to it & if I get pregnant again I don't want these potential issues to rear their ugly heads again or the glucose test :jelous:

I was really dissapointed when I was pregnant that it was more of a big round buldge that blended in with the rest of me and not a solid baby bump that you could differentiate from the rest of the body, so again IF/when we decided for another baby, I want that nice pregnant belly!

My holidays were getting worse & worse went from bikinis and covering my belly when sitting up, to bikinis and only taking a top of once I was lay down (quite a task) to takinis, to tankinis where I only took the top of when lay down, to this year finally (and unfortunatly on my honeymoon which made me miserable) only daring to wear a costume and only taking my vest/top of when I went for a swim or again way lying down. I was so down about it.

Im 30 in Nov & I dont wanna spend my 30s the same way I spent my 20s. I want to beable to run & keep up with my little lad as he gets older and wants to play footie & stuff

finally, i love nice clothes, I see so many styles where I think, I would LOVE to wear that, then my friends would be out in it & I would be wearing my same old Jeans & a top number. Also my husband is quite fit & im always thinking people will look at us and think "what is he doing with HER" & I want them to look at us and think "what is she doing with HIM" hahaha :D:D well not really but I want them to just not "think" about it like that!
S: 18st13lb C: 10st12lb G: 10st13lb BMI: 23.8 Loss: 8st1lb(42.64%)
ps Cocktail you are my inspiration, you were a very similar weight to me now and same height... congrats on your amazing loss so far xx
Doll, you just made my day!
I'm glad you realise that you CAN do this- it takes time and effort, but it is SO worth it- good luck and thanks
Yup mine was photo's too! there was one particularly bad one that upset me - but in general I was sick of clicking the "remove tag" link on facebook!!!! I wasnt even sure SW woiuld work and I would have been happy then to get back in a size 16 - I'm a 12 again now and to echo and earlier members words "without really trying" - i've found like SW just steers you in the right direction and gives you healthy choices. In this day and age there are so many conflicting diets it's no wonder people are confused!!!! i.e something thats allowed in abundance on one diet won't work on another - at lease this way you can relax - and enjoy food again!!! well done everyone xxx
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Such an interesting thread. My reasons are similar to lots of people on here really but the turning point for me was christmas - I felt bloated and uncomfortable and nothing i wore looked good on me. I even came home early on new year's eve because i had such bad IBS pain that i needed to lie down! Now i'm 4 weeks into sw and the IBS is miles better.
I'm determined that this summer and christmas (and all future ones) i am going to feel good about myself and wear something i want to wear rather than something that looks like a sack!
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mine was the shock that I needed new clothes because my size 24 were getting too tight !!! Just couldn't believe that I really was a size 26.......


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There were several reasons why I started SW

Firstly I was concerned about my health. At 20 stone 11lb I believe I was experiencing sleep apnoea and could not make it through the working day without a brief power nap. I also worried that this might happen whilst driving the car. I was constantly tired and lacked any energy.

I felt uncomfortable in my clothes and found it increasingly difficult to find clothing that was fashionable or that I liked.

I was beginning to think about addressing the issue when my mum suddenly died last March. Her dying relatively young and with a catalogue of health issues, the vast majority attributable to her weight was the catalyst for change, so I joined my local SW group 3 days after her funeral. I can honestly say that I have not looked back since and really value the support I have gained not just through the group but also here on the forum.

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