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Turning Points


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What was your turning points to make you decide to lose weight?

A few years back, I developed a plantar fasciitis (heel spur)-a google search said excess weight was a primary cause. It's not a serious condition, but made me realise unless I did something about my weight I could get some serious health concerns in the future. I joined WW and lost 4 1/2 stone.

Recently 2 stone has crept back on, and the spur this time was on two separate occasions strangers have thought I'm pregnant (a lady in her 50s offered me a seat on the tube, and I'm sure that was her reasoning behind it!) and more recently a patient at the out patients clinic where I worked asked me if I'm pregnant. I'm not....I'm just FAT!

So that's it....back to WW!
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I just realised that I am 25 and I can't remember a time when I looked in the mirror and didn't hate what I looked like or a time when I had any confidence. I am at the point now where I either take control and stop making excuses or I just accept that my fate is to be fat and miserable. I don't want to miss out on living! How I look stops me doing things I want to do and wearing things I want to wear. What I am missing out on just doesn't seem worth it for the food then guilt cycle.
Many many many turning points!! Being describe by someone as "...you know her she is this tall and this wide(arms outstretched as far as possible!)..."

Not having any photos of me! No not one!! Realisation that I am so big people laugh at me In The street! (happened a few times Obviously)!!

There are so many negatives to being overweight, and so many positives to being slimmer x good luck in your weight journey x
Same as pepshouse, too many to write down here. But one small thing hit home one day walking past the shop windows in town. I waddle! I'm 27 and 19+ stone. And I waddle. It's so painful to think about what I have done to my body. But the real upsetting thing is that my mind might never come back from this. I made myself sad upset and confidence less! I've ruined my own life in a nut shell. The waddle is only the tip of the ice berg.
Sounds so like me - I can't believe how badly I have treated my body. :( It is just crazy that at 25 I can't run up a full flight of stairs without being out of breath.

I have zero confidence and, even if I lose weight, I don't know if I will ever like what I look like. I worry that even if I get to a healthy weight I won't be able to handle it and will self sabotage. :eek:
Now now now!! Let's just take it slow one day at a time! You can and you will lose weight! Basically you will feel your confidence build as you do and hopefully you will be able to put two fingers up to this people who helped you to lose your confidence x

Come on be keen let's lode weight and feel great xxx

Think slim be slim x
I used to be a heavy drinker and one night I started drinking and got really bad chest pains on my left hand side, I thought I was having a heart attack, so went Doctors and she did a ECG scan but came back OK, so we put it down to my acid reflux.

Was a scary time, and I don't want that feeling again for a fair few years to come yet.
No need to feel like a idiot, we all have a reason for being big and a reason we want to lose weight, it's great to hear other people's woes and there battles to beat the bulge.


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No need to feel like a idiot, we all have a reason for being big and a reason we want to lose weight, it's great to hear other people's woes and there battles to beat the bulge.
Hi James

I just wanted to say WOW at your stats. You seem to be doing amazingly well.

My turning point was just as simple as buying the only dress that I could find in my size that didn't make me look like a sausage splitting. But really for me it was also a desire to change more than weight, I've been on medication for a while and blamed that for weight gain. I decided to give myself a kick up the backside and stop hiding behind excuses (the medication) and now I am still on medication which I probably will be for years, but I have started to make the change. I am a much more positive person and I have lost some weight.

Turning points are great its just a battle to keep it going, but thank heavens for Mini's to help us on our way
ive had many turning points that made me want to lose weight, but the final one, was when i realised I was 22 and wasnt getting any healthier. My PCOS symptoms just got worse and worse and had no existant periods. Once i started losing weight I realised there was no going back as I had never felt so healthy as I do now. Everything has been reversed and my hopes of having children one day have never been more higher then at present.

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