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Twizzle's disorganised diary!

Monday 30th August

B - Mullerlight yoghurt

L - 57g wholemeal roll (HEB)
R/fat cheese 28g

D - Jacket potato
FF cottage cheese
Cold roast beef (will trim off all visible fat)
Big bowl of salad
sugar free jelly

I have drunk plenty of water and had a small amount of milk in 2 cups of tea today.


I had a very small amount of fruit juice at someones house and an indian sweet, (had coconut in it and was as sweet as some I have been given, have no idea of the syns though so don't plan on having anymore syns tonight!)
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Tuesday 31st August


Activia Ff yghurt, raspberries and strawberries

wholemeal roll with tuna, light mayo and cucumber (DH made it and said he used two squeezes!) ?2.5 syns

1 pack Velvet crunch crisp things - will have to check the syns online


Chicken probably stuffed with stuffed with extra light garlic and herb soft cheese and wrapped in parma ham -

Slimming world chips and Salad
total syns ??
Tuesday 31st August


Activia FF yoghurt, strawberries and raspberries


wholemeal roll with tuna and light mayo (DH said he used 2 squeezes) 2.5 syns


Velvet crunch crisps - 4 syns according to this site can't get on SW site at the moment


Chicken breast stuffed with extra light garlic and herb soft cheese and wrapped in parma ham. 4.5 syns
slimming world chips and salad
am stuggling with lunch as I usually like cereal for breakfast but then can't have bread at lunchtime, bit hard when a I drive all day salad get dropped everywhere! b. have no access to kettle or microwave to do anything hot/in a pot! any suggestions would be appreciated.
OK bit of a disaster today, which is why its the disorganised diary!!!


Active yoghurt and a kiwi, I was supposed to have porridge as well but got to work and some kind sole had only left a dribble of milk in the carton and put it back in the fridge!


Tesco HE Ham salad sandwich (HEB) for wholemeal bread so 7 syns
Pineapple chunks - yum yum
3 Babybel light cheese (HEA)


Spag Bol - all free

Snacks - Alpen light bar 4.5 syns

total 11.5 syns

Going for weigh in tonight, just tried a pair of trousers on, they won't do up! don't feel like I have lost anything this week :(
Thursday 2nd September


Activia yoghurt and pineapple

Lunch - Light prawn mayo sandwich (on wholemeal) so HEB, salad, tomatos and chicken tikka chunks (ok I was rather hungry today!!!) 7.5 syns

Dinner - new potatoes, salmon, plenty of veg and 1tbsp light salad cream 1.5 syns
Went away for the weekend so will forget about the alcohol and WW cheesecake, which is a whopping 9.5 syns each!!!!!!

Back on track today

B = Activia yoghurt, strawberries

snack on Banana

L - Ham and cheese sandwich (HEA and HEB)

snack = apple

dinner - chicken, courgette and peppers in Spanish Chicken sauce (2.5 syns) with pasta

Hartley Sugar free jelly .5syn
Syns 3 plus a very small amount of OJ
Not happy, have a headache and in a foul mood today :(

Breakfast - 28g porridge with skimmed milk and blueberries, Activia strawberry yoghurt

Nothing for lunch, didn't get time to stop and buy something, and when I did, I didn't have any money and no cash machine close by!!!!

Dinner - Tesco Light choices Chilli con carne (7.5 syns), 2 light digestive biscuits (OMG! 4 syns each!!!!) thats daylight robbery LOL!!! better go eat some fruit now!
Friday 10th Aug

Well! got woken early by someone ringing my work phone (note to self, go and turn it off unless I am on call!) on the bright side, I had a fab breakfast cooked by DH before I went to work


scrambled eggs, Morrisons So Smart pork sausages (1 syn) baked beans and mushrooms. The girls were dead jealous when I told them what I had had for brekkie :D

Lunch - 3 light babybel grated, a jacket potato and baked beans, apple and two Alpen light bars ( HEA & HEB)

Dinner - Spicy Chicken egg fried rice (all free on EE) = recipe from mag last year that I got off ebay :) note to self, cut the rice by half, it was way too much for us and didn't fit in the wok!!!!! kitchen looked like a bomb had hit it by the time I had finished LOL.

DH offered me a glass of wine but I turned it down but might have some more fruit.

I have surprised myself and got lunch already sorted for work tomorrow!

update! late evening snack - low sugar jelly with a squirt of squirty light cream, felt very indulgent - 2 syns
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any comments/suggestions would be appreciated :)
Hey! I didn't want to read and run. I think you're doing very well and I've just seen your weight loss! Congratulations!

Just to confirm that Tayto's Velvet Crunch are indeed 4 syns for the pack. You mentioned struggling with lunch as you're driving lots. Why not try a flask (you can get ones with wide necks especially for eating food out of)

I tend to throw aload of veg together in stock with whatever spices/herbs I feel like and when they're all cooked blend and pop into tupperware tubs. I heat it up in the microwave in the morning and throw it in the flask and it stays lovely and hot all day.

Do you have access to a microwave, you can re-heat scrambled egg, pasta in sauces, cook extra for dinners and take them in the next day :)

I hope this helps!
only can get to a microwave in the morning, did speak to DH to see whether we could invent a microwave that could run from the outlet in the car, but he didn't think it would work LOL, bit like my idea for a refridgerated duvet cover - great for the summer!
Say, I looked at those wide necked flasks the other day but couldn't bring myself to buy one yet, still hoping for an Indian Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, back to todays food diary

Saturday 11th August

Breakfast - tomatos, mushroom, toast and two 'fried' eggs - set my up for the day :) bread was. wholemeal 800g medium slice - so I am guessing 1 slice as HEB and other slice as 4 syns

Lunch - Salad and chicken tikka chunks - all free :)

Snack - 1 little Galaxy cube, offered by a patient so I couldn't refuse! If 24.5g bar is 6.5 syns = 6 chunks, then I am counting this as 1 syn, please correct me if I am wrong, this was the nearest I could find on SW online.

Another snack - Walkers Baked crisps - sour cream and chive - satiated that crisp craving :D

Dinner - will be a mediterranean tray bake with lean lamb, tomato, courgette, passatta and onion/herbsl and potatoes.

Total - 10 syns
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Sunday 12th Sept

Breakfast - tomatos, mushrooms, 2 'fried' eggs and 2 Eat Smart cumberland sausages (1 syn)

snack = pear

Lunch - egg and cress sandwich - 2 slices wholemeal bread used 1 as HEA )800g loaf and 1 slice as syn - 4 syns, FF blueberry yoghurt with added blueberries and kiwi, strawberries and nectarine. Light mayo - 2.5 sys

Dinner - roast beef, piles of veg, SW roast potatos, yorkshire puddings (homemade and used HEA 2 syns each)

Total 11 syns
Didn't manage to post yesterday - took a break from the computer otherwise I get RSI~ in my arm.

Tuesday 14th Sept

Breakfast - 28g porridge with blueberries and semi skimmed milk - HEA

Lunch - 1/2 punnet of strawberries and handful of blueberries, patient gave me a ginger biscuit, will have to check the syns!

I bought a pack of salt and vinegar ryvita!! ate a couple then threw them in the bin - salt and vinegar cardboard!!!!

Dinner - SW KFC - totally free as made with cous cous, jacket potato, baked beans, cottage cheese with onion and chives and 1/2 corn on the cob - am absolutely stuffed!!!!
Welcome Wednesday, today is a good day :) lost 2lb

Wednesday 15th September

Breakfast - Activia yoghurt, raspberries and blueberries

Snack - apple

Lunch - Egg, cottage cheese with onion and chives on 2 slices WM bread (HEB 2 400g slices)

Treat - 2 finger kit kat (think its 4 syns)

Dinner - taster night at WI for WOTY - alot was free but did have a tiny square of cake that was supposedly 4 syns (wasn't worth 4!) and a very small piece of seville orange cake - delish - will have to dig the recipe out :)

On the way home, stopped at the kebab shop, had a chicken kebab with salad no dressing or pitta bread - no idea of the syns but am happy :)
Thursday 16th September*

Breakfast - 28g porridge with semi skimmed milk and blueberries (HEA/HEB)

Lunch - 2 finger kit kat (5.5 syns) whoops I thought they were about 4!!!!!!!

Snack McCoys flame grilled steak crisps -8 syns!!

Dinner - glass of red wine (6 syns), spaghetti and meatballs

Total syns 18.5 - quite a bit more than I usually have!!!
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I went away for a crafty weekend and was VERY good :) took lots of fruit to snack on, only took 2 of the small bottles of wine and even took my 30 day shred DVD to do each day in the room :D

Monday 20th September*

Breakfast - banana and yoghurt
lunch - ham and cheese sandwich with cucumber (HEA and HEB)
Dinner = new potatos, carrots, broccoli, mange tout and cold chicken.

Snack = 17g ripple bar

Tuesday 21st September

Breakfast = 28g porridge, ss milk and blueberries, banana

lunch = needed comfort food = plate of SW chips YUM YUM YUM!

Dinner = Spanish Chicken tonight with peppers, chicken and pasta, yoghurt

probably not enough fruit and veg today but was in dire need of comfort food and managed to resist stopping somewhere on the way home for chips!!!

I am on day 5 level 1 of 30 day shred also went zumba last night!!!
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Wednesday 22nd September *

Breakfast - banana, yoghurt

Lunch - chicken tikka sandwich, cucumber, apple

Dinner - Boiled gammon, jacket potato, sweetcorn and green beans, nectarine. 48g Reduced fat cheese, LF natural fromage frais.

Snack - Baked crisps, 2.5 digestives

within my syns and did level 2 of the 30 day shred dvd today!
Thursday 23rd September*

Breakfast = porridge and blueberries (HEA HEB)

lunch - it goes down hill here!!!! 17g Ripple bar, packet of quavers, 1/2 a digestive and a cup of tea

Just feeling a bit dispondent at the moment, only lost 1/2lb this week and had been really good AND done loads of exercise, DH sat on his butt watching me do exercise DVD and lost 3.5lb!!!! just not fair and I know its because he is a man and has more to lose but still...

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