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Two barriers smashed!!!!!


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Hi all

I just wanted to share some news with everyone as I am so excited and happy.
Before I go on, I really hope that people don't think I am bragging but I do hope it acts as a form of motivation for others.

In two days time I would have been doing CD for 1 year. I went to my CDC tonight and I have finally pushed through two seperate barriers. The first is that I have lost over 200lbs and the 2nd is that I hit the 10's.
When I started CD a year ago I was so depressed about my weight and how I looked, I woud cry most days. I couldn't find clothes to fit me, even Evans had a limited range to what I could get into. Very elasticated size 32's was the best I could muster. I hated nights out as it meant a whole lot of stress beforehand. I would have to drink a bottle of wine before I left my house so that I would actually get to the place we were going. I lived at work as it was the one place that I felt safe. People thought it was ok to shout abuse at me in the street and snigger behind my back if I was in a shop buying food. I couldn't go to the theatre or cinema as the chairs were too uncomfortable, digging into my thinghs, and I certainly couldn't even think about flying anywhere, especially after I had to ask for an extension belt the last time I got on the plane and was horrified when the flight attendant handed me a bright orange belt, not very discreetly!!!! I had given up completly on ever forming an intimate relationship with anyone and was always seen as the big girl with the bubbly personality (if only they all knew!).

Now things are totally different. I am happy with myself and more confident. I can't wait for the next night out and have even started to arrange them myself as I get bored waiting for others to do it. I go out regularly to the theatre and cinema and I don't care where I sit and I don't worry anymore about how I will fit into the seats. I have been on a plane and the belt did right up without me having to make it any bigger than it was when I sat down. I can't remember the last time anyone said anything horrible to me in the street.
I have a fab CDC who is very supportive and has given me so much encouragement. I remember the first call I made to her last year, scared to death at what she would say and I imagined the sharp intake of breath when I told her how much I had to lose. It was all wasted energy, she was welcoming from the moment I walked into her house. My friends and colleagues have been very supportive, and constantly encouraged me to keep going. They even stopped having take aways at work when I was on shift with them (bless).
I'm still not in a relationship, although this is a minor detail as I am happy being single. But the reason I point this out is that I have started to get some lovely comments from others and I don't try and hide myself away for fear of becoming the butt of their jokes anymore (i.e who will win the bet for asking me out).

My stats are as follows:

Start weight: 25st 5lbs
Current weight: 10st 12lbs

Clothes size start: Extra large 32
Clothes Size now: 12 bottom, 16 top (I just can't get rid of this darned chest)

BMI start: 64+
BMI Now: 27.8

This journey has been the most amazing thing I have ever done, and has been life changing. It has taken serious will power at times and a lot of baths, early nights and packs of toothpaste but it is so worth it to finally have a life that I enjoy and live to the fullest.
This site is amazing and even though I am not the biggest of posters I read it every day and draw inspiration and motivation from all of the fabulous people, past and present.
The encouragement and support on here is second to none and I am so thankful to mini for setting it up.

I have 12 lbs left to lose to get to target and this is the most difficult of the whole diet so far. So close but still a way to go. I shall keep reading and gritting my teeth until I get there. There is no way I am going back to being the person I was before.

To all of those that are thinking of starting, Do it, you'll be glad you did.
To all of those currently on the diet of their choice, good luck and keep going. The end results are so worth it.

Thankyou to everyone who has given me encouragement and support over the past year on this site, I couldn't have got this far without you all.

I think I have rambled enough now so I shall sign off before you all fall asleep at your keyboards ;) .

Love Jazzy x
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Wow, that is a truly inspirational story!!! Congratulations!!!

Do you have before and after photos? You must look FANTASTIC!!!
Jazzy what a brilliant story, you have done amazingly well, I am so proud of you. Its a sad fact of life that being overweight can hold us all back, and it gives others amongst us (the more unsavoury characters of this world) a free pass to be abusive (bottom wipes that they are). This story has made me smile, I am so glad that you posted here, because it is stories like these that make it all seem more achievable for me. Thanks, And again.....WELL DONE, Angela x
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Well done, Im just about to start my journey so I hope I can be as committed and positive as you


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Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.

Donna, I do have some photos. Some from before I started and another couple from October time last year. I am due to have some more taken soon so I will figure out how to post them on here when I have them.

Thanks again guys

Jazzy x


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G: 12st0lb
Before I go on, I really hope that people don't think I am bragging but I do hope it acts as a form of motivation for others.
My stats are as follows:

Start weight: 25st 5lbs
Current weight: 10st 12lbs

Clothes size start: Extra large 32
Clothes Size now: 12 bottom, 16 top (I just can't get rid of this darned chest)

BMI start: 64+
BMI Now: 27.8

Love Jazzy x
:wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow:

OMG Thank you for posting this I have been feeling absolutely awful since last night, feeling fat and ugly.

I started at exactly the same weight as you and was also lucky to get in to 32/34 clothes some even had to be a 36. Even the Evans ranges would not fit me as my belly was and still is huge. :cry:

You are definately not going to be seen to be bragging as you have achieved something truly amazing and awe inspiring. Knowing that you started off at the same weight as me I know it will be possible for me to get into the 10 stone bracket too.
I cannot thank you enough for putting this on, this has given me a boost, just have to get over this down phase.

:hug99: :hug99: :hug99: :thankyou:


Busy busy busy!!
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Jazzy - you have done so well. Thank you for posting this for newbies who are unsure of whether to do this or not to people like Sonkie ... and me who need the inspiration to keep going. You have done fantastically and I'm really looking forward to seeing your before and after photos.

Good luck with your last 12lb - I'm sure if anyone can do it you can!


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S: 29st0lb
well done Jazzy cant wait to see the pics i started a bit heavier than you and cant imagine getting into the 10,s 14s will be fine for me btw do you have much loose skin???
Absolutely amazing Jazzy !!! You are a star !!



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Wow what a fantastic result and all in just one year. You have a right to feel really proud of yourself and Im sure that your story will inspire others as well as myself.

The only sad part of your story is how nasty and hurtful that others are
You are amazing - well done on your achievement.

We often post for support, and be light hearted about the weight loss journey.

However under most people's additional weight - there is a story of misery before nights out, underconfidence, and sadness. I know I was. So thanks of sharing this.

I am now 10.10 - was 14.5 last year - and I know how it was beginning to chip away at my confidence - not that anyone would have known externally. But my world was beginning to get narrower and narrower.

I don't feel as bad any more. I feel equal to anyone else (although still unconfident for other things!).

Your achievement and perseverence is amazing - please post photos - it would be wonderful.


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Congratulations and Very well done Jazzy!!!

Your an inspiration.:D :bliss:

So very happy for you:)

Love Mini xxx
You truly are an inspiration! WELL DONE! What a fantastic feeling!

Let us know when you get to your goal (although I would say you have smashed that already!!!)

Well done again - so, so, inspirational!

A xxx
What a fantasic and moving journey! I'm going to print this out and keep it in my handbag for inspiration on dark days.

Well done you!! Can't wait to see the photos - you must feel like a new woman!

I am so so pleased for you. You are truly remarkable!! Your story had me in tears as I can identify with so much of what you've gone through before CD. I was so daunted as having so much to lose at the start and you were one of the ones then who inspired me most and made me feel like I could do it too. I'm now in week 8 and have lost 2 stone. Not as fast as some people on here I know but I'm doing it and loving the changes I'm seeing in my body. I can't wait to be in the 10's too. You must be feeling absolutely fantastic!! I can't wait to see the photos!

Good luck for the last little bit.


This is the most amazing thread. Your weight loss astounding. All the doubt I had in my mind is now gone as I know I could do it. You're an inspiration.


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