Two cambridge diet shakes a day with food, will I still lose weight?

Hi all I have joined and need to really lose some weight. I am thinking about starting cambridge diet but can only afford two shakes a day and was going to swap the porridge shake for some home made porridge with banana instead which I take most mornings anyways.

Is this possible do you think to still have a good loss every week, has anyone else done this before?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions
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Hi and welcome. It is some time since I followed Cambridge but I don't think that would be following the Cambridge programme properly. What does your CWP counsellor say?

Would you not be better with a diet that is not a VLCD?

Irene xx
Hello Irene Thank you for replying. I called head office in the end and they said I can follow step 3 which is 1000 plan and have two shakes with breakfast and a small dinner. I have now booked with a consultant so I am very happy with that.