Two tablespoons of lettuce!


Hi all,

I am in the process of introducing SS+ for a while as was getting exhausted with just SS.

My question- how do you measure two tablespoons of lettuce- has anyone tried to pick up a tablespoon of lettuce- all you get is a few leaves and then it all falls off! I have basically been doing two handfuls of lettuce leaves- is this too much? Any idea of a weight maybe? Is it going to do any harm to have a few more rocket leaves then officially allowed?

My CDC also said it was ok to buy Tesco fresh chicken breast with chicken tikka flavour- does everyone else think its ok? Seems to be only 5 more calories than skinless fresh cooked chicken breast.

Thanks in advance.
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Shameless bump

The one part of the CD that i do not like, are these ambiguous quantities. Handfuls, spoonfuls.
I would much prefer weights for the vegetables,
(although salad is a bit tricky to weigh), just like the amounts which are given for the meats, fish, rice, pasta etc.

I just shove a few leaves of lettuce & rocket on a plate and enjoy. Probably eat far too much salad, but oh well, the weight is still slipping away.


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Hiya. I started ss+ 2day and I has the same problem trying 2 work out 2 tablespoons of cucumber! Ive already messed up as I used normal cottage cheese for my protein option instead of reduced fat! So am already over on my calories on day 1!
I cant see how an xtra lettuce leaf will do any harm or surely they would be more specific with the weight like they are with the proteins.