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Two weeks

I can imagine it is difficult. I wonder what it is abut the "2 week" thing. Obviously your diet will be different on SW, but are you really feeling deprived and hard done by when you can eat so much?

You need to look at a way you can get past this. You obviously want to. Would telling yourself it is a 2 week diet work? Then start another 2 weeks? Breaking it down into 2 week chunks may help.
No I don't feel deprived. I just have to eat, and just have alot of unhealthy junk food. And not in moderation.

Yeah. I do have to find away of getting past this.

One day at a time. Hope for a good day tomorrow.
you perhaps need to look at making healthier options of the food you like so that you are more likely to stick to the plan. No food is really off limits on slimming world, because there are such a huge amount of free foods available to us.

What sorts of food is it, you find yourself going off track for after the 2 week mark?
There is no real significance in two weeks, or three, or even one. They are totally artificial measurements of time. You seem to have set your mind to see a barrier at two weeks. Try to forget all about thinking about weeks. Take a day at a time, get that right, then do the next day.


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When I get weighed on a Tuesday, that night is my binge night where everything has a syn value of 0 lol
I might have fish and chips or whatever, but it then motivates me to get back on track the next day, it's like I've been naughty but I need to get back on track. But if I binge on pizza or mcdonalds that night there's no chance that I've lost by next week. Mabye you need find something like a syn free pavalova that you can eat asmuch as you like without the syns and still satisfy your craving to binge on what tastes like unhealthy food??
Mr Gilbo said:
I always seem to last 2 weeks and then I fail. Every time I have recently attempted to gain control I last into the 3 week and then binge.

No matter me trying to draw a line under and starting a fresh the next day I just can't. Really starting to frustrate me deeply. :mad:
Be interested to hear what binge means to you?

Also - why 'can't' you start fresh? Is it guilt? Laziness? Lack of preparation?

Finally - why wait for the next day to draw a line? Draw it straight away! That way one bad choice is less likely to become a bad day, or week.


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Tbh to get past this you need to have a long think about what is happening in your life to cause you to do this. Do you tend to eat the same things and get bored after the two weeks? Do you deprive yourself of foods you enjoy and this leads to a binge? Do you have unrealistic expectations of how much you can lose in this time? Do you struggle with cooking meals from scratch? What about support from youf friends and family or is there any stress in your life making you binge? Or could it be subconsciously youre not prepared to change your eating habits?

You need to ask yourself all this and workout whats causing this. Then you can take steps to improve and we can help with more specific advice.
as a consultant the 2 weeks crisis is a big hurdle for any "dieter" to get over do you go to a group??? if so do you stay to image therapy your consultant is there along with group members to nudge you along.....BUT at the end of the day YOU really need to want to lose weight all the advice and support wont get you anywhere hun if your not 100% with food optimising and honest with yourself x
if you attend a group ask your consultant about a for and against list
This was always happening to me, only I only lasted 2 days! The trick is to keep motivation all around. I pinned my Iron Maiden ticket and a picture of Steve Harris to my fridge, far more tasty than chocolate! :D

I also made MiniMins my homepage, so that whenever I want to surf the web I see the new topics and I can join in the slimming discussion.
I agree that you have to be in the right place mentally to suceed and maybe you're not there at the moment. Didn't you post something similar to this fairly recently about doing a few weeks and then bingeing? I think the general advice was that you need to work out what your trigger is and then you can deal with it, which seems fairly sound and is something only you can do. Hope you find it soon and can move forward. Good luck.
Some good advice there.

You could try planning some tasty SW friendly meals. Put a menu up on the fridge door that way you always know what you are having to eat each day so no need to 'just have whatever'. Also put some syns in there, either have them weekly or daily, whatever fits in with your lifestyle.

Try not to think about how long you have been doing SW in weeks try & forget about this 2 week barrier you've now created for yourself. Do something to break it, either go out all day for a prepared picnic or plan a low syn treat.

Take a look at the before & after photo's on here for inspiration.
I believe your head has to be in the right place, u have to want to be sucessful in making the changes that are going to lose the weight.

What is it about week 3 that makes you binge that week 2 doesn't? If i were you i'd put everything i had into not bingeing in week three and break the cycle. It sounds like its a belief you hold that you can't get past week three. The only person who can change that is yourself but you have to stay focused.

Good Luck
Thanks for all the advice. I am glad to say that I was 100% on the EE plan today.

I cook masterpieces from scratch, always changing what I eat within the plan as I know I get bored with the same food every day.

I do go to class, and stay to image therapy. But I feel that I can take it or leave it.

My binge last night was an easter egg, 2 hot cross buns, 2 jaffa cakes, 4 penguins and a huge bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes. And that was after a chinese of beef and mushrooms and boiled rice. I knew whilst I was eating it I shouldn't but I just didn't care.

I do agree that I have created this mental block for myself. It's just finding a way past it!
Keep your thread going Gilbo, count today as day 1 and you can keep updating on how your doing. Anytime you feel like straying come on and post and i am sure that someone will be there to give you support.

You know when you're creating your masterpieces why don't you freeze extra portions, then on week three you don't even have to cook!

I've also discovered that if you don't buy it you can't eat it (Unless you're a binging kleptomaniac).
No-one needs to have chocolate in their house, even if you have children, ditto baked goods.

I've learned that it's not about the weight loss, it's about being in control.
I've also discovered that if you don't buy it you can't eat it (Unless you're a binging kleptomaniac).
No-one needs to have chocolate in their house, even if you have children, ditto baked goods.

I've learned that it's not about the weight loss, it's about being in control.
I'm agreeing with Shirleen here - if you don't have the goodies (or should we call them baddies? lol) in the house, then you can't eat them. I asked my family to support me when I refused to buy choccy goods for about a month - just long enough for me to find my willpower.

I also found my love of cooking new SW meals and serving them to the family always surprises them and that seems to encourage me to carry on with the plan.
I do make more of the spag bol and the chilli freeze it and often take it into work for lunch or weekend meals when i'm in a rush.

the junk food is in the house for the younger sister and brother who all they ever do is eat crap, granted i think ian only lives of one meal a day. the parents buy it only coz of them, but i know they eat it too. even though they shouldn't. they say i must resist it. if i could resist it then i wouldn't have gotten myself to this size in the first place!
Tbh, I think the best way to get over a binge is through thought. Just think that it now. Gone.

'I can't have anymore.' FULL STOPP!!

Works for me, when I keep telling myself that then the cravings or whatever go away.
It's funny the 2week thing as I read in an article it takes 28days (4weeks) for you to adapt a new habit. So breaking the healthy eating every 2weeks means it can't become a habit!!

Anyone else found this "rule" to be true !? Xx

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