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Uh oh!!! Help!!


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I have crashed and its only day 2!!! I was good all day... I got through yesterday no probs...
I seem to be ok when I work a late shift I drink water all day and spread my packs out...When I work a day shift I sit at work smelling everyones lunch torturing myself!!!
Today I worked a day shift, I never take money to work cos I know I will go and buy out the canteen!!
So anyway I was cool all day...came home had a shake...made a cookie and a bar of chocolate out of the packs...fine...had some water flavour jelly...cool...THEN...
My mum went and made some cheese on toast...she really tried to sneak and do it quietly, even closed the kitchen door but I had to smell it!!
So off I trot knowing exactly what was gonna happen...ate a slice of toast in front of her then as soon as she went upstairs I just gorged myself..now I feel sick about myself!!
I am devastated I switched from CD to LL so that I would stick to it...paying more money and having the counselling
How do I deal with this...do just forget it and start again tomorrow...without the pack recipes (I realise they are more of a trigger for me than an aid!!) Shall I tell my counsellor...as I dont want to start the eating and lying cycle I want to break it!!! PLEASE HELP...I AM IN TEARS HERE:wave_cry:
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Hugs for you.

I did the same think. I had a little binge.

Cried a lot nd couldnt even sleep.

Next day I drew a line under it and told my Cllr. Moved on. End of.

I had been in the binge/lie cycle (to riends and family). Not anymore.

The moment u wake u tommorrow morning, siginfies the time when this inccident is over.

Ok, so you ate, that's done now and you can't undo it so try not to be too hard on yourself. You now have 2 choices either give up and be unhappy with your weight OR draw a line under it and start again tomorrow on your journey to being slim & happy. Next time you are tempted try to remember how you are feeling now and this will help build your strength to beat it - i know this is easy said than done!

As for the lying thing, don't. Tell your counsellor, i'm sure it will help you more.

Hugs to you


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I agree with what's been said. You have to put aside what happened and move on otherwise torturing yourself thinking about this is likely to make you do something similar again. We're always gonna be surrounded by people eating and we just have to listen to the sensible parts of our minds and walk away.

You can do this, your weight loss to now is excellent - please stay strong.

Agree with the above, plus you'll be surprised that many others also cheat so fess up & move on!! Plan strategies for avoiding the situation and just start afresh but DONT use that as an excuse to pig out tonight!! This diet is hell at times so dont be to hard on yourself! Try distraction techniques & come on here when you want to cheat!


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Thanks for that all...I feel so terrible..its amazing how in one day I was feeling so light now i have heartburn and am bloated right up...and it was ages ago that I ate..
I put out my shakes for tomorrow I have my bottle of water to come to bed with me so its the first thing I reach for in the mornin!!!
And I had a look in the arcade it was quite distracting, games arent normally mt thing but I see how they can become addictive and distract from hunger...So thanks again guys...
and here we go again!!
well done - just take it a day at a time - sme days are great & some totally dire but focus on each day (not the whle journey) & you should be fine!


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crappy day again!!! thought i was ok...obviously not!!!
I lasted till about 7pm...I had a a bar instead of a pack...thought I'd be fine big mistake!!
I soon became mor than hungry and proceeded to the kitchen...didnt particularly over do it but thats not the point...
I miss my husband he live in Tobago and I came here to work for a bit...it was only a short term thing but next month it will be a year since I have been away from him I have visited twice but each time it gets worse...I manage to loose weight before I see him but as soon as I have to leave it all changes!!
We have also been told that we may need IVF...
I was told today that I need to loose weight by my GP...
I have been SSing on and off now for 2 years it is doin my head in!!! as I said b4 I have lost the majority of my weight but I still have around 3-5st to loose!!!I cant believe it has go so hard...The first load of weight just tumbled off I had the willpower of 100 men...but now I cant seem to get my head into it I have been trying non-stop since October 06!!!


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Morning red,
today's a new day, please don't dwell on what you did yesterday or the day before or even since last October! It's done now, concentrate on today, an hour or minute at a time if need be :p

Cd counsellor wrote something which stuck in my mind and that was 'only look forward' :)

How about writing yourself a list of why you want to lose weight.. when are you next seeing hubby? Perhaps you can make that your goal...

You've done soo well, losing soo much already.. keep trying and it'll click into place :) so long as you keep trying you've not given up..

Hope you have a good day today :p
umm...it cannot be good for your body to be ss yo-yoing and it may be better for you to do something like CD where you can choose to have a meal a day if you cannot SS? Not trying to be discouraging but if you hae been trying for this long and getting nowhere maybe its not the right time for SS? This diet is SOOO hard that you need to be in the right place mentally to suceed and while we can support you we cant do it for you. Hve to say I would be well hacked off if I'd been on it that long & cant blame you for struggling! Alternatively try & tell your chatterbox to f-off when t tells you you need food; get some form of distraction from food & stick with it & you'll get there in no time!! Just think you could have lost the whole lot by September!!
:hug99: Hi Red
Sorry you fell so down, everybody has blips but just try to think positive, the first week is always the hardest, but keep in mind why you are doing this. Have you spoken to your LLC thats what their there for, give them a ring you never know it may just help. Keep drinking the water and try to do something else when you need to eat maybe run a bath ring a friend or even ring the hubby it may help. Keep us posted this site is great so you may find you help is right here.

Chin up keep looking forward don't dwell on whats happened. Send you a big hug hope it helps


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Well I Emailed my LLC and she called me back she was really understanding and supportive and told me to come and see her tomorrow...I will again attempt SS as of tomorrow...My next official meeting is on Monday so thats good for me...that'll keep me on track tomorrow and she also told me I can have extra drop ins through the week to make sure I get into ketosis..thats all I really need...once I am left to my own device in the first week I go astray...I will do this I have done it b4 and lost 8st+ so I'll be damned if I am going to let it beat me now...I am in the final stages of my weight loss journey and I need to see it through...
Thanks for all ur kind words...I will keep u up to speed..I am working on some photos to post of my progress so far...I will add them in a little while...
Well done on the loss so far thats fab! You CAN do this - just got to go for it 100% - give that weight the short sharp shock it needs & come on here & shout for help when you're struggling! Good also to even out the body process so it will know what its doing!! Look forward to the photos!! B&A photos are so inspiring!


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I just back....and after the week ive had i have managed to loose 6lbs!!! :eek: :D
I am really pleased with that!!!
Thanks again for the support...
I cant seem to add the photo's!! how do u add them???
Well done Red, that's an excellent loss :)


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