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O dear, I was doing so well until i went to the shop to by some cleaning products for the house and go some reduced chicken!!! And have just eaten it!!!!!

I feel crappy now!! I was determined not to eat at all, I am really really struggling tho, have been SS 100% since Mon and now have ruined it with only 1 day till weigh in!!!

Im such a failure!!!

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Please don't be hard on yourself. You have lost so much and you did choose a low carb thing to "cheat" with so I bet it will make a minimal difference come WI.
Be kind to yourself and put this behind you. You wouldn't be so stern with a friend now would you? Hey, you could drink some more bloomin' water as a penance:tear_drop::p:tear_drop:
'Swot I think anyway,
Don't be too hard on yourself and you are certainly not a failure! SSing is not easy, you have had one small blip and at least it was only chicken so not the end of the world. Put it behind you and try to remember how well you have done this week.

Thanks guys just got back from a half hour brisk walk with my family whlst they ate fatty fish and chips I had water!!
HAve had about 6 litres of water today
Hope im not up all night!!
What u girls up to tonight??
sounds like you are right back on track, well done. Dont worry too much, as you ate protein you will still be in ketosis and should still loose some weight this week

Hey Bo lady! Hats off to you for avoiding the fish and chips- well done! I have been having protein this week (chicken, quorn) to supplement SS as have been struggling too. Think at last now I have got the need to eat out of my system and managed not to eat anything extra today. As long as its food off the 790 menu it wont kick u out of ketosis and is far better to eat than anything else if you feel you really cant stop yourself!!

Not up to much tonight, been at work all day til 5 so got back and had a nap til 8, off for a shower in a bit and then maybe a board game with OH before bed- OMG its a saturday night and Im living like an 80 year old, Im only 21!!! Lordy what this diet does to a person! :D
Hey WBS,
Welldone for only eating wot ur allowed!!
I am really going to try and not do it again tomoz!! Will not go near any shops!!
I was at work till half 5. Then walked home and sat on my comp, just got back from walk and watching friends!! The plasterer is here tonight so cant go to bed till he leaves!!!!
OH is at work I hate the wkends he is away feel so lonely and bored!!!!


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Well done for not attacking the fish 'n' chips!!!

But this behind you now and keep going with your SSing and I look forward to seeing you hit your goal of 12lbs.

Love Mini xxx
Yeah shops are evil, the only reason I ate this week was I was in the shops and suddenly couldnt bear the idea of not eating anything! Altho I did spend about an hour in there choosing the lowest carb, lowest fat, lowest cal stuff I could and it wasnt easy, has put me off doing it again!!!

Friends is great, you gotta love it- definitely feel good comedy and enough to make any SSer feel better Im sure!!! Random day/time to have a plasterer about, how strange :) still if it gets the job done I suppose...

Maybe you could have a nice bath or something (as long as he's not plastering the bathroom of course!). Nothing better than feeling sumptuous on CD i reckon! Off for a shower meself now so chat later if ur about

HAve had about 6 litres of water today
Hope im not up all night!!
What u girls up to tonight??
Actually, tonight I'll probably be weeing....
LOL at KO!!!! Me too, I hate having to go for a wee, wish adults cud wear nappies!!!

WBS - thats wot Im like in Waitrose they do an organic sliced turkey breast with 0 carbs in!!! So I buy that althou its like £2.99 but tongiht it was £1.99!!! Bargin!!! And it went off tomoz so had to eat it all!! The Plasterer is OH's brother in law and he does it on the side of his other job and goes on holiday tomoz and wanted the money for spending money so wanted to get it done tonight!! Fine by me cos then wen OH comes home on weds for his week off he can decorate it!!!

I dont really like Baths, Love showers in the morning tho not at night cos they wake me up!!! Last weekedn had a bath to stop me eating and feel asleep in it opps!!!! Love Friends, its the episode where Monica and Chandler are leaving so is a bit sad, but Joey makes it funny!!!

Have a nice bath!!

Mini thank you so much, you have motivated me to just get on with it!!!!! xxxx
Ahh BL yeah I know what you mean about baths- im a shower gal meself. I always have a shower at night, usually cos im too lazy to get up extra early in the morning and it fills some time in the evening when I would otherwise eat! Plus i go to bed feeling all clean and smooth- generally have one an hour or so before bed so I have time to cool down and get hair dry first. Love it that way!

I love that episode of Friends, altho probably the saddest one :) Im gonna go watch some Father Ted now as OH bought a box set today and I find it hilarious!! Stick to SSing hun and Im sure you'll get the loss you deserve, bring on 12lbs eh!!!? Im weighing myself tomorrow morning as at the end of day 7 today but dont have a WI til Monday night (end day 9) so will let you know how I get on- will be interesting to see how much Ive lost since morning of day 5 (I was -7lbs then despite totm AND eating protein!)

Night night, let ya know tomorrow xxx


I can do this.
Ur not a failure...we all have slip ups.... chicken is'nt to bad anyway so don't worry.
Your doing great! I was looking at your sig and its strange how people often have a bad week after add a meal week! You just get a bit too use to the food I guess and going to back SS is hard. I'm on 790 which is about all I can cope with, I did SS for two weeks, but I was picking so much it was not helping! So now I can eat my allowance on 790 as well as my packs and I'm doing okay :)

Talking of friends, did anyone see the episode the other day when Ross invited Charlie, Joey and Rachel for dinner and he was just speaking in a squeaky voice the whole time, that one always makes me laugh! I taped it so I can kep re watching it whenever I'm having a hard day!! :) I love Ross, he's my favourite, although I strangely find Chandler very attractive!! :)) (more so than Joey!!)

Any who!! don't feel bad on yourself, we all have the odd blip, the important thing is to carry on and tomorrow is another day as they always say! :) It isn't the blips that are the problem, its the sticking with it for the long haul that's important (despite the blips!) :))))

Take care

Hey girls!

Well hopped on the (all be it dodgy) scales this morning and they said I now weigh around 13st 4lbs, if not 3!! That means I have lost..... A WHOPPING 10/11lbs this week! WHOOOOP WHOOOOP :) so happy!

Will relax a little more when I stand on my CDCs scales and my ones at home as I know they are both accurate (CDC WI on Monday night, and Im gonna weigh myself first thing Tues morning as it will be different due to water weight and more accurate).

So i'm really happy and ready to face the day. Hopefully this time next week I will be a stone lighter than I was when I started, if not lighter...

PS Laura love that episode too! In fact I love most episodes apart from some of the early ones which are a bit like they are testing what works and what doesnt.

How are you doing today?



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
((((Well hopped on the (all be it dodgy) scales this morning and they said I now weigh around 13st 4lbs, if not 3!! That means I have lost..... A WHOPPING 10/11lbs this week! WHOOOOP WHOOOOP :) so happy!))))

Well done, you have done brilliant...so positve keep it up :party0011:

That's fabulous WBS, well done, no wonder your thrilled!!