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I will be skinny again!!!
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first things first - don't beat yourself up at about this!

second of all let someone else eat the rest.

1 laughing cow cheese does not make anyone fat.

you will be fine :)


I will be skinny again!!!
Ok I had a blonde moment...

The nutritional values were per 100g lol!!

Im just looking at both chick xx
My Pharmacy tells me to eat 1000 calories a day, but I am struggling to eat that without grabbing a chocolate bar to up the calories and I dont want to go down that road again. Oooh wasnt life easier with 3 shakes?


It really does work! :)
Was that 1000 calories from day one of refeed, or something to work towards when back to "proper" eating?

If it's from day one, it seems high based on what you've been having with the shakes, especially for a jump like that.
It was from day 4 Mark, but no way can I do it, not while having a shake for breakfast at 142 calories. As I said above, I am not going to start eating junk to get calories up, and I dont see the point in eating when not hungry (thanks to lipotrim for teaching me that one). I will just plod along as I am now and wait for the weigh ins.


It really does work! :)
Can't believe they suggested that....

Would've thought it would be a gradual increase upto 1000 cals.

Anyway, I think we've all got it under control in regards to the refeed, even if we have our own little ways of handling things. :)

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