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Ultimate test of willpower going on!!


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
We have an Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow at Clitheroe Castle for charity (Chernobyl's children below) and yesterday a lady at work gave me cakes to sell - two massive lemon cakes and two massive chocolate cakes with buttercream icing, fudge topping!! Her cakes are THE Best!!

Driving home from work yesterday was torture, the car was so aromatically charged with chocolate and lemon!!

These cakes are now in my dining room ready for tomorrow.

I am on own today as hubby is working.

I am avoiding the dining room.

Tell me how mean and horrible I would be if I were to dive in head first into the cakes, eating cakes that would be sold for lots of money, which the charity desparately needs.

Tell me I would be mean.
Tell me I would be selfish.

I'm going for a walk until hubby comes from work this evening - it's going to be the only way!!

Tell me I can do this!!

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You can do this !
You Can do this !

I work for a Bakery, a very big bakery that supplies all the major supermarkets with all their Doughnuts and Muffins. We have to taste test every production run of products and today I did the weighing, measuring and the aroma of the doughnuts and let someone else taste them.. How good am I lol

If I can do it then so can you. I have faith in you



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Another way of thinking of it, is whilst you are eating them you may enjoythem for one of two minutes but as soona s you had you would fel bad for eating them,for two reasons, one for the charity that would benefit and two for eating them whilst trying too loose weight!

so avoid the room they are in, and reward yourself with a treat for not touching them.



Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
So far, so good!!

After coming back in, I sorted myself out with a blackberry smoothie and some carrots and joined the dog in the garden. Hopefully we'll be loading the car up shortly and I can relax a bit more!!

Fuss, I don't know whether you have my dream job or a nightmare job!! Either way, I'm very proud of you avoiding the tasting!! Well done!!

I'm done my effort of the easter nests, I just need to make sure tomorrow that I tuck into my fruit salad and not any of the cakes we have for sale! I know that if I say to myself "one won't harm", that it'll be the first of many, so I'm volunteering for the runner between the start and finish stands! A whole day trekking around Clitheroe Castle has gotta do some good - for the charity and me!!

Fingers crossed!!


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
The cakes are in the car!!

I've managed to cope with them being in the house - now I just need to keep a grip on myself tomorrow when it comes to selling them!!

Wish me luck!!

mrs a

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you're such a good girl ;) :D:D
good luck with ur sale i hope you made lots of money so the kids can come back over.

someone at work bought me a big thorntons egg with my name on it in iceing!!! dont know what to do with it
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Well charlotte what i am going to do (my hubby got me 2 eggs and a box of roses, i think he is trying to sabotage my diet lol) is have a little bit on weigh day for a treat, you could always try that. If you think you wouldnt stop at a bit you could find someone else with your name and give them it lol


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Yay!! I didn't touch/eat one cake!!!

The easter egg hunt was a great success, we managed to raise £600.00, and I did quite a bit of walking too-ing and fro-ing from the start and finish line sorting stuff out!

Even better, two blokes even commented on how well I looked!! One chap said that as a man he doesn't think he's allowed to comment on women's weight, but he decided that as I looked "so good" (his words, not mine!!) that he just had to tell me!! Bless him!!

All in all a really good day!!

Thanks for all your support folks!!

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