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So the first 3 weeks was awesome i lost a total 5 pounds, nice, week 4 I dont know whats happened, Im more hungry than ever, and nothing is satisfying me, I think I have worms, big giant ones, big giant greedy worms.


I couldnt decide on green or red day yesterday, so made my own up, black day, yes we had minstrals, hot dog, and some popcorn from the cinema, today I woke up and followed the green day plan, then it went black again, and I had a big Mixed Kebab, whats happening? why am I so hungry and going downhill argh.

People say the cold weather but I dont think it is Im just a greedy pig lol. Whats worse, asda got all their xmas goodies in, yep its a struggle now, any advice to get me back on track tomorrow? Its hard enough for a guy to diet but even harder this time of year.

I seem to have taken a fancy to honey nut shredded wheat, eating them like with no milk, whats with that? thats just lazy.
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I seem to remember getting the serious munchies wk 4 too. I think it's probably your metabolism adjusting.

The cold weather won't help.. I'm planning a green day tomorrow full of potatoes as they will fill me up.

Keep going.. you know you want to loose it or you wouldn't be doing this..
its all cos asda have stopped there 5 for £1 muller lights lol. i had a week where i had the munchies think it may have been week 4 but i just kept eating loads of free stuff like pasta and chips etc i m in week 6 now and you know i dont eat nearly as much as i did in the first few weeks strange and its not even a consious thing lol]

Debs x


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are you leaving long gaps between meals? if you are it could be your blood sugar level crashing - which makes us crave sugar and junk.

i'd advise you have a green day tommorrow. have a free 'fry'-up with quorn sausages, eggs, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, ketchup and toast, have a big jacket potato (or 2) with cheese, beans and loads of salad, then a roast dinner later on. in between those meals have mullers, fruit, etc. that'll keep you nice and full ;)


Just follow the plan
Thats brill advice from Karen, its probably how I manage things too although I dont usually have a big breakfast, but lunch and dinner are usually a lot of carbs to fill me up.

Just remember why you want to lose weight and reach for free food if you're tempted. Feeling full does help to stop the snacking though.


Karen's suggestions are spot-on. I had a really dodgy weekend last weekend where the same thing happened - I had about 2 black days, lol. Gained a pound, but this week I am totally back on plan and really enjoying it because I have been really organized.

I think making a meal plan by getting inspiration from the magazines 7-day menu sample things helps massively. It means you can have everything written down that you are going to eat it, so you don't have that "OH GOD, WHAT WILL I EAT!?" feeling.

It also saves a bit of money because you know what you need to buy and there's less waste. :)

Hope that helps. Remember to be nice to yourself.

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