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unable to make it to cdc

my weigh in is tomorrow, but due to all the snow, and children being off school I have had to cancel (she also lives down some dirt track bendy lanes, too scary normally!! without the snow)

So I have enough packs until I can next see her (she is on hols weds-sun, lucky thing) so seeing her monday, only thing is........
I am following ss+ I have enough for 2 days to ss+ then enough to ss beyond that, should I just stay ss till I see her again or have the ss+ meal instead of the shake?? I can do the 3 packs a day, thats not an issue, but will it upset cd if I do ss for a few days?

did that make any sence lol, TBH I would rather avoid the meal part so have really answered my own question:rolleyes:
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Peggy McParrot
Hi Berry
I do ss some days and ss+ on others, depends on the tummy rumbles lol if i do ss+ i might have 4 shakes or 3 and a meal.... my weight losses have been the same really, both ss and ss+ keep you in ketosis as vlcd..... so it shouldn't be any problem
Great losses too well done

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
I'm not sure how your CDC will feel, only she'll tell you that, and am not sure with the new rules if the GP form would have to be sent of... maybe a CDC will come along and advise.
Is there anyway you can send her money and her send you some shakes? Or maybe find a nearer (not so hard to get to) CDC who may be able to fit you in before your own CDC? once the snow has gone?

It's a tricky one isn't it. Hope it works out, just glad you have enough shakes to at least do SS! :)
did that make any sence lol, TBH I would rather avoid the meal part so have really answered my own question:rolleyes:
I agree with biltsy. Your CDC sounds just like mine....ann? She lives down a dirt track too ;-)
Hi Emma, I am doing SS+ too, I think I would add the meal in place of the pack, I have had great losses on SS+ and think I really work well.

By the way WELCOME to the 'Water Babes' Team. Looking forward to speaking to you on there.
Sorry on the last post it should say ' Think it really works well.
haha yes Anne, lovely house but no way risking getting there!! I still have to use the sat nav to make sure I don't take a wrong turn
lol me too.
Ive done ss+ with and without a meal and lost 3lbs both weeks so I don't think it makes a difference (well to me any way.)
i think both ways are good as long as you stick with it ss or ss+ good luck
maria xx
Just to clarify - SS and SS+ both have 3 CD packs on the respective plans. On SS+ you are adding a meal or having a 4th pack and milk. There is no Cambridge plan that involves 2 packs and one meal a day. :)

good to point out for any newbies

didn't think!!! My cdc said follow what suits just make sure I have at least 3 packs;)

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