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Understanding calories


Got To Keep Counting :D
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Ive always wondered how other people count there calories.

Meaning do you just count calories, or do you check out carbs, sugars etc....

Another thing i wonder. I love bread, if i wanted to eat 4 slices of bread a day is this ok? As im not going over calories.

As i had 2 slices of toast this morning. And might fancy a slice later before bed. Is 3 slices today too much?

Completley confused about it. And often wonder!

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I think it depends on what works for you though trial and error

I just count the cals and try to make the best choices available x

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You can eat whatever you want so long's your numbers add up :)

I think the trick is finding what you most enjoy eating, and finding out what keeps you fullest for longest. Some things suddenly don't seem worth the calories, when you know you're just eating it for the sake of it, or will be hungry five minutes later.

At the moment I'm only counting calories, but if my losses slow, I will check out the other aspects also.

I SWEAR by my heart rate monitor and My Fitness Pal.

Good luck!


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It really depends on you. Some people are carb sensitive and so 4 slices a day would be too much. Other people, like me aren't, so it wouldn't make a difference. Try just counting calories for a while, if your losses are slow, count other things too. Personally I don't specifically count other things but I do watch things like saturated fat, sugar, protein etc. and log them all on myfitnesspal.com and if I see I'm going over, make adjustments. But it's usually not a problem as I just don't pick those things anymore!


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One of the things I did take from Slimming World that has helped me on counting calories is that whilst what I eat doesn't matter as long as the numbers add up and I'm not hungry variety will help your body not get settled and used to the same food stuffs. Therefore I try and mix things up.


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At the moment I'm only counting calories but as the others say, if things slow up I'll start factoring in carbs ect.

Personally as much as I like bread it doesn't like me.. If I eat to much I'm in trouble :p
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Im the same I only count the calories. I try to avoid high fat, carb etc and choose healthier foods but when it comes down to it I only count the kcals. At the weekends I allow myself to use some of the kcals for treats,

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