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Understanding WW - bad website!

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Hi there, I'm currently trying to find out about the different slimming clubs and am considering joining a local WW group.

However, I have just visited the official UK website www.weightwatchers.co.uk/ which could not be less informative. Honestly, it seems like the only reason for its existence in cyberspace is to recruit new leaders and to tell you where your local group is. The only section with what you could class as a paragraph of text is in the Terms and Conditions section! :confused::sigh:

So rant over, I turn to you gurus of the Weight Watcher world! If I decide to forgive them for their bad online 'presence' and give it a shot, I guess I would just like to know more about the plan, the group sessions, and, well everything really!

How do they calculate how many "points" you are allowed per day? Is it based on your weight, your BMI, or something else?

Are there any other nutritional guidelines you need to follow other than the number of points, and I guess common sense? E.g. is there a set amount of protein, fibre, carbohydrates etc. you need to include per day?

Also, how are the sessions run once you join? Do you pay per class, or do you sign up for a certain number of weeks costing a fixed amount which you pay for whether you attend or not? How many people roughly are there in an average group?

Thanks so much in advance for any help and advice you might have ;)
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You eat what you want as long as its within your points allowance. no nutritional "must haves" although dairy and fluids are recommended but i rarely have what they say. Once you've worked it out its a simple plan to follow, portion control and choosing the healthier option!
The website is designed that way because they dont want you to just use their site, they want you to join and give them money but theres plenty of us on here who do it at home :)


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I pay for a monthly pass which means you can go to any group on any day, you also get access to esource bit on the website. You can sign up for monthly pass on the website or at class.

When you join you get a little folder with all the bumpf you need to get started and for the first 4 or is it 5 weeks each week your leader will give you another insert for your folder.

When you go to class you get your weigh in record from one person, then you weigh in with your leader or other helper, then you have to sign a sheet for monthly pass members or pay the clerk if you are paying weekly. You can purchase items like magazines, books, choc bars and snacks at the stall.

Then get a cuppa and settle down for the meeting, which usually last about half an hour - although there is some waiting about for everyone to be weighed. Each week you get a little supplement called "Your Week" and the chat by the leader will be different every week.

My groups is quite big and I would say about 25-30 people stay fr the talk after weighing.

On your first week the leader will ask you to stay behind for a few minutes after the talk to go through the folder with you and make sure you understand the plan.

You get awards for each half stone you lose plus 10% and such.

Hope that helps?


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