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Unfinished diary


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You sound ready to go and planning is the key to this. It's good to set goals - even if you don't achieve them all in the time frame you want. You will get there if you persevere.

This brings me to the point you made about slinking off - don't. If you go off plan draw a line under it and get straight back on. Most importantly stay on here. We will all help and support you get your head back in the game :)

Good luck and I look forward to reading your diary :)

Hi, I too have just started my diary today. It is scary to think others are reading about your ups and downs but I think in the long run it will help keep us on the right track! Looks like you've set yourself some good atainable goals. Good luck with your new start, lets hope were both skinny minis soon! :D x


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hi there, look forward to following your progress I know all about using food for comfort i could have written that part myself. But writing on these boards for better or worse helps to keep me on track because i can just start again- we'll all get there together xx
Thanks Hayzl, must have a look-see at your diary. ;)

I hoping too that it will keep us focused and I think I need to notice where the problems lie, which I might discover more through reading my own thoughts, if you get me.

Tis scary tho, isn't it? :eek:
Scary but in a good, positive way! I love looking through everyones diaries. The support everyone gets is so encouraging. Even when people do fall off theres always someone to motivate them to get back on. x


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Scary but in a good, positive way! I love looking through everyones diaries. The support everyone gets is so encouraging. Even when people do fall off theres always someone to motivate them to get back on. x
Yep there's always someone there with a hug or a kick up the bum. I'm more into kicking people than hugging so be afraid ladies :8855:


One day at a time, one step at a time
Hi Crumble

I read your first post and thought 'this could so easily be me' I didn't want to be fat at forty - but I am and I definately don't want to be fat at 50. I have failed more times than I've had hot dinners

I suffer with my knees so my exercise at the moment is all walking. Can highly recommend the Next tone up trainer thingys. So comfy and supposed to tone up as walk and I can feel it in my legs. I am already noticing how much fitter I feel

You can do this. Yep I slunk off earlier this year when I failed but this time I am determined not to do that but to keep this diary and pick myself up and draw a line under any blips

Look forward to following your diary and helping to keep you motivated


One day at a time, one step at a time
I blame my age all the time. I forget things all the time. Take friday an author emailed asking to chat to me and could he ring. I said yes. He rang and we chatted he then asked me to email him something, so I asked for his email address :rolleyes: He said you have it, I argued I hadn't and felt such a numpty because of course I had.... Think I've lost the plot.

I wonder about giving stuff up totally. I had given up crisps and most choccie just having the odd curly wurly. Today I comfort ate and what did I have? chocolate and crisps. Stupidly, ie stuffing my face until I could eat no more. Now I feel guilty, but would I have done this had I been having the odd one as syns? I don't know... rethink time. It also frustrates me that even when I stick to plan I only lose about 1lb a week at the most generally,

I am waffling, but I think to a point a little of what you fancy is important. Then we in theory wouldn't crave it?

I have a file of recipes I am collecting too as I often forget about some of my favourites. I then flick through for inspiration same with old SW magazines etc.

Wishing you lots of luck, we can do this :D


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I haven't banned any foods. I know if I did I would want it all the more.

Most of the time I choose wisely and manage to stay within my syns. I think we all have days where we are hungry and nothing seems to fill us and we end up binge eating.

Like you say some people cut everything out but that really wouldn't work for me.

You have to work out which option works best for you.

The spicy coleslaw sound nice - how do you make it? I can't wait to see the other recipes you've got :)
oh my god i have just ate that much i have really fell off the wagon oops , but im that full i cant get back on it lol oh well gonna have a pudding and jump straight back on it tomorrow
Thanks for the recipe :)

I've haven't tried that type of quorn sausage. I didn't like the normal ones so I might give these a try to see what I think.

I love braising steak so I might come round for tea :D

The planning bit is time consuming but is also essential. None of my lot need to do SW cos there all skinny. They sound like yours though in the respect that it's sometimes impossible to find one meal that fits all. I've started being a bit selfish by deciding what I want to eat and then fitting something similar in for them.

I'm so glad you said about the weight creepig up on you cos I'm sure that happens to me as well :eek:

Hope you have a good day :)
Ohh Tilly I nearly forget - the coleslaw recipe.

Hot and Spicy Coleslaw
1 large carrot
113g/4oz each red and white cabbage
113g/4oz radishes (missed this out)
113g/4oz fat free natural yogurt
1 level tbsp horseradish sauce
3 tbsp freshly chopped chives
salt and freshly ground black pepper
I added finely chopped onion and missed out the chives. (had none!)

1. Grate the carrot, finely shred the cabbage and thinly slice the radishes. Place all the vegetables into a bowl and mix.
2. Mix the yogurt, horseradish sauce, chives and seasoning, add to the bowl and mix.
3. Cover and chill for 30 minutes before serving to allow the flavours to develop.

We loved this coleslaw in a jacket potato with our bbq meat and salad. We didn't even feel deprived when we saw the others loading theirs with Lurpak. :D
Oooh this sounds yummy! I luuurve colslaw and really miss it on sw, I know you can have it but not in the quantities I eat it! I will have to give this one ago!


One day at a time, one step at a time
coleslaw sounds yummy :) none of my lot need to do SW as all slim :(

those quorn sausages sound more interesting. Tilly can try them for me and if they are nice I will try some :8855:

I hated the normal quorn ones.

I have bought one pack of the tesco 1syn ones to try, normal sausages just to see if I like them

mmmmm braising steak - one of my favourites, what time would you like us round for tea?

you can do this! We are right behind you :) xxxxx


One day at a time, one step at a time
Hi sweetie,

Whats done is done. Personally when things like this happen I do all I can to draw a line under it and move on. Leave it where it belongs 'in the past' or it just eats away at you.

Take this weekend. Did I need bacon walkers crisps ? no, did I then need another packet ? definately not, did I then need a 3rd packet? absolutely not... did I eat them ? yes :( did I then eat malteesers? yes, etc etc. I had two days like this. All my meals were sw friendly but my syns were enormous.

I could count the syns, but dread to think what they would be. I could say I won't have any more syns all week but then I'd fail miserably. So today I have drawn a very large line under the last 3 days and i'm sticking to plan. I may not get my 1stone sticky this week, but hopefully I will next week :)

Gosh sorry that was a waffle. Didn't mean it to be , but just trying to show we all do silly things, just draw a line and move on. :) hugs
well yesterday i was good really good think i needed to be after my weekend lol i dont feel so guilty now as i am going to have another good day (fingers crossed) i want to lose at least 3-4 pounds this week and if i put my mind to it i will do it so here is hoping eh?
anyway i am going to have a look and see what i can make for tea later on


One day at a time, one step at a time
Right Mrs Crumble :p Where did that 'fire in my belly' go from page one:p:p:p

TOmorow is a new day and tomorrow you will get back on the wagon okay? I will ensure it slows down enough for you to jump back on :D If I can get back on it, you can :)

We are all in this together. Tell your OH that I said hes only to buy SW friendly foods from now on :p

So tomorrow is a new day and Mrs Crumble is going to be good :D

I will be back tomorrow to check on she says wagging her finger :8855:


One day at a time, one step at a time
I'm loving the new evil Jackie :D

I'd jump back on straight away if I were you :)

Only kidding. I hope you have a good day and Jackies advice is spot on as usual :)
tizz not evil :D tizz called positivity and kicking butt gently :8855: I can do evil ask my kids :8855:

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