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Uni students food guide!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by jessicamariesmith.1995, 26 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. jessicamariesmith.1995

    jessicamariesmith.1995 Full Member

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    Slimming world EE plan
    I'm giving slimming world ago only problem is i have to do it on a small budget as I'm a uni student but I'm going to try! I'm going to follow extra easy, but i cant afford much meat so most of my food will be veggie! here is my food plan for today!


    BREAKFAST: coffee ( i no i should eat something but did not get up till 11 so to late for breakfast!)

    LUNCH: pasta salad:
    (pasta, turkey, tomatoes, cucumber , mushrooms, pepper, mayonnaise (2 syns) 30g cheese (HEA)

    DINNER: Stir fry:
    half pack of stir fry veg
    blue dragon sauce 1/2 pack (4.5 syns)

    Snack: active yogurt & raspberries
    Costa skinny iced latte (6 syns)

    exercise: 68min walk along the beach (268 callories burnt!)

    I'm feeling determined! :)
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