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Universal Contour Wrap (?)


somebody shrink me
Hi Tommee

I had the wraps done 3weeks in a row, they recommend that you have 3 treatments, you basically strip down to your underwear and they either wrap gel soaked bandages all around you (warm but tightly wrapped) or they rub gel into your skin and then wrap you in bandages, ya end up looking a bit like a mummy, but you then lie up on a bed wrapped in a special electric blanket for about 45mins then they unwrap and measure ya.

I lost 23inches in total over the 3 weeks, and yes it was worth it, don't know if I've maintained the loss but I think I have as I've just started wearing clothes 3sizes smaller than I was when i first started....

Well worth doing if you've a special event coming up, or as a treat either during or when ya get to goal. and yes it can defo be done to a guy, just ring the salon and tell them your interested they'll give ya all the info ya need.

good luck


can do it this time!
hi all
just reading this thread - anyone know how much (on average) a detox wrap is?
Sorry it that's already been posted and I've missed it.


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G: 11st7lb
i'm getting 3 foe £140, or £50 for 1. someone else posted they were getting a special offer of 3 for £99
hope that helps


can do it this time!
thank you - will def look into where this may be available locally and save up for this as a major treat - would love to achieve 1st major target at beginning of May and going to a wedding end May so that would be a fab incentive too.

Really appreciate your quick response Pandora - thanks:D
I had one last weekend and have another planned for Friday (technically you should wait a week but my salon was ok with this). I lost 9 inches, mainly from my upper half.

My salon in Harrow doesn't give you an electric blanket, I was put into a kind of plastic shell suit. You also get these little rubber shoes as they fill up with water from the bandages.

I quite enjoyed it and my skin felt GREAT afterwards. We're going to wrap me up tighter this time to see what happens!


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Is the best place to find loactions, their official website?

Does anyone know of any chains of salons that provide this??

Most health spa's and local health/beauty salon provide this sort of treatment.

If there is a health spa local to you normally you can have a treatment there without staying over. You can treat yourself to a day out.:)

Health Spas - health spa days in UK

Spa Break - Spa Days and Spa Hotels avaliable for booking in the UK

Health Spa & Health Farm Booking - Gift Vouchers


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Sounds fab, you'll have to let us all know how you get on!

I'm definitely looking into it too, though I might wait till end of May as a reward for my 100 days on ll being up! :D


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Ive booked a couple in ones before my hen night and one before my wedding, might go back for one before the honeymoon too as got a week after the wedding....
hi tommee, this wrap is fab and i lost loads, you feel so fab after it aswel. i got 3 for £110, let us know how you get on im sure you will love it! oh yeah just wait till you try and sit down its really funny x


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Oh :confused:
I heard they take about 100 measurements so the overall loss is not that much 1/8th inch here and there etc.
I was hoping to find out it wasn't true!

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