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University help

Any student can apply to any university in the world. The only issue would be visa's and fees. I think the international fees for overseas students are not too dissimilar to what the fees next year are planned to be, and most students on a full-time course should be ok to get a student visa. I'm also not sure if you qualify for Student Finance if you are studying abroad.

My step-brother is going to start a course in September which means he'll have a year at Columbia University in New York.


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They had students on the tv last night who were studying in Germany somewhere and it worked out much cheaper than over here even with the travel and accomodation.


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They had students on the tv last night who were studying in Germany somewhere and it worked out much cheaper than over here even with the travel and accomodation.
yes, my mum did mention about Europe too.
my son is only in year 11 at the moment, so he is going to do his A levels next year. In his interview they said to him that he should be aiming for Loughborough Uni and he needs at least 3 grade A's.
The problem with getting any degree abroad, no matter how reputable the institution, is that they don't hold the same weight as a degree gained within the UK. Don't ask me why, but a UK degree holds weight all around the world, whereas many of those gained abroad don't.

I have many international students, who have degrees and master's degrees from abroad, but they're here because they want a UK degree for the above mentioned reason.

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I went to Uni in Canada (McGill) and I loved it.
Internationally fees are about 13,000 per year. However, I applied to a UK uni, started there, applied for an exchange and then graduated there ... So my fees were the same as in the UK ) 3,000 per year.

But he could applied for Eurasmus (sp) which is an exchange/study year abroad on Europe and you pay the same
Fees and get a grant etc.

You only get grants for Europe (additional to student loans/living fees etc) and you don't have to pay them back!

You do not get any extra help if you go to:

New Zealand

Oh and if you study in USA/CAN it takes four years to complete rather than three. Hope this helps a little - good luck to him xx
My son is in year 11 too and wants to study psychology at uni. Although he'll get his degree in the UK he's after a career as a forensic or behavioural psychologist and is already thinking about some post grad study in the US...not a clue how that'll work at the moment!
Depending on which course he wants to do, some time away may be included. One of my options was to do American Studies which would have included a year studying in the states.

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Thanks Reg :p


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If you don't mind me asking, why was your mum suggesting your son go to America to univrersity? What course is he hoping to study? Would the qualification be any different to that at Loughborough? xx
something in sport and we have been told that Loughborough is the best university to aim for. My nephew told me that's rubbish and Bath is the equivalent of Oxford and Cambridge for Sport. I would appreciate if anyone can advise on this.


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When I was in school there were a couple of lads who were wanting to get into sport-related degrees. Both were advised that Loughborough was regarded most highly for sports degrees :) That was 8 years ago, but it doesn't sound like much has changed!


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Loughborough and Bath are the Oxbridge of sports courses. Pretty difficult to get into either, which is why your son's been quoted 3 A's at A level to get in there!!

Saying that, my brother in law graduated last year from Leeds Metropolitan University, which is getting up there for sports courses as well. So he will have a backup if he doesn't quite get to Loughborough or Bath!

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Yep, Loughborough is definitley one of the best for sport.
UCP Marjon down here is renowned for sports and teaching xx

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