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Update on my ex friend! You'll love this!!

So I'm in tescos buying my water and who should walk up the same aisle as me but the b***h I told you about yesterday now after reading all your supportive comments yesterday I decided I was angry at her for making me cry! So here's what happened!
Me: I heard what you said about me yesterday
Her: good you were meant to the problem with you shell is you think your somthing your not you will obviously never be like me you will always be uglier than me which is why you will fail at this like you do everything and still be a fat moody cow!
Me: look sweetheart I don't know who told you that your all that because to be honest I have flushed better than you down my toilet! I will be thin and I will still be prettier than you inside and out you my love are a selfish piece of s**t as for me always being uglier than you I highly doubt that love because I slept with your husband just before you started seeing him perhaps he likes big boobs and since you havnt got any well....never mind Eh you can walk around with ur ironing board front and I will still have my curves that men prefer after all no one wants to s**g a skelington do they! To which I walk away with my nose in the air and my friends who work in tescos were in stitches! The woman on the till said that was bloody brilliant her face was a picture!lol I feel so much better!
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haha, thats bloody brilliant. You really put her in her place. Karma. Well done! xxx


Silver Member
Haha good for you :D xx
Oh they arnt anymore! I'm even up the school as I type this she is stood on her own while I an surrounded by people telling me how good I look lol
Karma! Haha good for you she deserved what she had coming! xxx
AMAZING!!!! Well done you! So proud of you, glad you had some closure on it, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall lol.
How stupid of her to compare the both of you!! No one is the same, and no one is better than someone else, i hate it when people judge.
haha! Excellent

p.s. was the husband a reasonable ****? ;)
Was he hell Gina lol I've seen bigger sewing needles lol


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HAHA Gina that is exactly what I was about to ask. Maybe it says something about the state of our minds? :D

Well there you go Shell, she's probably a grumpy cow from all the terrible sex, poor girl, you should feel sorry for her really ;)

Or not............lol xx
Lol do I hell! I hope she lives a long life and has plenty of very unsatisfying sex lol
The number of times I wish I had the confidence and quick wit to come out with something like that to a nasty person! Well done shell you're very brave and inspirational! :)
:D Good on you, She had that coming to her!! I bet you feel much better now after giving her what for! :D :D xx


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That was fantastic!! Well done hun! :) I'd love to be as brave as you. xxx

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
i'm sitting here with a big grin on my face - good for you hun :D

hope you can dare to say something *****y to her every now and again cos she so deserves to get her face rubbed in something as nasty as her big mouth :flirt2:
You go girl, you have made my day:giggle:

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